An Insider's Guide to Easy SAP Audits

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An Insider

SAP Audit Management helps to detect and correct risks to proper governance. The key to exception-free SAP audits is to maintain complete records and eliminate possible threats to record integrity. When auditors see you’ve done that, SAP audits become just another part of the normal IT process.

This whitepaper on “An Insider’s Guide to Easy SAP Audits,” is a SAP security audit report on security and audit of SAP ERP covers. It reveals crucial aspects of governance that any audit team will want to examine. 

It highlights:

  • What is the best way to approach the challenge when SAP audits become problems to smooth operation or well controlled resource management?

  • How to reduce SAP audit support costs and cut the time that SAP audit teams need to complete the SAP audit?

  • What are the biggest new SAP audit concerns and the most significant new challenges commonly involve IT security and particularly three aspects?

  • How process automation and an internal culture of agreement with the goals of governance will eliminate SAP audit support problems before they occur?

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