SAP Cyber Security in Figures: Global Threat Report 2016

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SAP Cyber Security in Figures: Global Threat Report 2016

How aware people are about SAP cyber security, regardless of how widely SAP in this region are implemented?

This whitepaper shows a high level overview of SAP security in figures so that the problem area is not just theoretically comprehensible but based on actual numbers and metrics – from the information about the number of found issues and their popularity to the number of vulnerable systems, all acquired as a result of a global scan.

Key takeaways from this whitepaper on “SAP Cyber Security in Figures”: 

  • How the awareness affects the state of critical business application and SAP cyber security on the global scale

  • SAP implementations security in different regions

  • Common cyber threats to an organization which does not have secure SAP systems

  • Vulnerabilities in SAP sorted by their popularity, criticality, and type of affected systems and module

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