Amick Brown Right Consulting Team to Provide Innovative and Effective SAP Solutions

CIO VendorSameer Gandhi, Managing Partner
Some companies implement SAP solutions without considering or including a business intelligence (BI) program, while others don’t take advantage of the BI tools they already have at their disposal because of a lack of expertise in the area. Amick Brown is an SAP consulting company that finds its niche in the SAP BI space, guiding and assisting companies to design and implement BI solutions that bring real value through information. Amick Brown works with clients to clarify goals regarding various topics such as information needs, BI tools and user experience. They then help to develop a strategy and roadmap aimed at empowering the company through information rather than by simply churning out some reports.

“We sit down with clients and their leadership team and look at what they want to accomplish as well as the problems they currently face, and then help them strategize for the best use of their tools,” says Sameer Gandhi, Managing Partner, Amick Brown. This assists the client in developing a BI program. Amick Brown takes a noninvasive approach to consultancy so that they aren’t trying to run their client’s projects, instead they partner to meet goals. They ultimately craft a solution based on requirements, whether it be complex, large, enterprise-wide, scalable, easy to use or all of the above. Each solution is tailored to the needs of the business and the technology available.

With over 15 years of experience in SAP, Amick Brown additionally offers consulting services across the SAP domain. Solutions supported include Human Resources, Supply Chain Management, Flexible Real Estate Management, and more. Amick Brown prides themselves on being a full-fledged SAP consulting company.
They see most of their traction in the Telecom, Food and Beverage and High Tech verticals. This allows them to take advantage of their strength of possessing knowledge and understanding of the latest trends and technology in the different industries. “Part of Amick Brown’s key strategy is taking the time to understand the key events in each industry vertical as well as spot the most impactful trends,” notes Gandhi."Amick Brown’s key strategy is taking time to understand the key events in each industry vertical as well as spot the most impactful trends"

A good example of this is when Amick Brown provided consultancy services to a company in the public sector that struggled with different internal organizations using different BI technologies and tool sets. The CIO of the company was concerned that information misalignment between various systems was not allowing decision makers to get to a single version of truth, adversely impacting the bottom line of the company. While the client’s initial thought was to align all the systems behind one technology, Amick Brown’s assessment suggested a better solution. They addressed this situation with an approach that leveraged strengths of each technology resulting in cost savings. Furthermore, Amick Brown provided them with a roadmap that has helped them improve the return on investment made.

So what makes this company different? Amick Brown works with honesty and integrity at all times and forms trusted relationships with clients so that they can better serve as partners and advisors. They also bring deep expertise to the table, as Amick Brown’s leadership team has implemented several very complex enterprise-level global solutions. In addition to subject matter expertise, their strong background in disciplines such as data management, master data management and governance has enabled them to be an important part of an SAP ecosystem. With experience and proven success that spans well over a decade, Amick Brown is an example of a company that focuses on its strengths and achieves positive results through partnership, expertise and commitment to the client.

Sameer Gandhi, Managing Partner

Provides innovative and effective SAP solutions along with high value, low cost, flexible staffing solutions tailored to meet fluctuating IT demands