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CIO VendorVineetMoroney, Global Solutions Head
Vineet Moroney, Global Solutions Head-SAP at L&T Infotech (a global IT Services and solutions provider with comprehensive end-to-end offerings in several industry verticals) is one man who understands his customer’s SAP environment the best. With over two decades of rich experience he has been resolving the most complex problems of SAP across the world. Today, Vineet is managing and harnessing rich talent of about 3000 employees, which includes a 400-member BI (Business Intelligence) team, a third of whom are already HANA certified. Nearly 40 percent of the company’s revenue is generated through SAP services; from multiyear long-term deals including annual maintenance services, it speaks of the richness in competencies and capabilities that he has built at L&T Infotech today.

L&T Infotech provides comprehensive, end-to-end technology services and solutions to leading companies across the globe. The company understands the criticality of its role as a partner and leverages innovative tools to enable customers achieve higher returns from their SAP investments. To foster innovation, L&T Infotech has set up a dedicated Intellectual Property (IP) practice, well supported by a Center of Excellence mechanism, to boost its partnership with the technology ecosystem and provide innovative tools and accelerators to the clients. The company’s active investment in IP has resulted in IP practice generating more than 150 solutions, accelerators and frameworks aimed at reducing time-to-value of a project.

Moroney feels that over-emphasis on run spend is one of the biggest hindrances that is having an adverse effect on ROI. “Typically, nearly 60 to 70 percent of a company’s assets are spent on run. Only 30 percent is spent on change and that’s where we come in with our value proposition,” he notes. By using L&T Infotech’s tools and accelerators, the clients can not only reduce run spend and increase change spend, but also invest their time and energy to do something new, which is aligned to their growth.
Incident Investigation Tool and Easy Trend Tool are the two key offerings of the company. When an incident occurs in a system, L&T Infotech’s Incident Investigation Tool captures the causes for failure to reduce time for resolving the issue, as well as stores it for future usage. If the problem repeats, the user only has to insert the source and execute them in the Incident Investigation Tool. The tool automatically reports the changes and pinpoints the location where the incident has occurred. On the other hand, Easy Trend Tool is a solution that analyses things in a more logical manner, predicts trends and helps provide process improvement suggestions.

The biggest factors affecting the IT space is the client’s shift towards composite landscape with adoption of cloud

Of the many success stories linked to L&T Infotech, one that stands out is that of a Global CPG major. L&T Infotech is a key partner in driving strategic roadmap in Procurement and Financial domains, where the company sailed through complexities including multi-vendor co-ordination, managing user expectation and data validation. The other is client’s complete HANA migration, which is currently one the largest in the world.

A unique team composition with people coming from different business domains, the ability to provide 360 degree services to the clients, knowledge retention practices and great cultural value are some of the factors that set the company apart from the rest.

“Going forward, one of the biggest factors affecting the IT space is the client’s shift towards composite landscape with the adoption of cloud. L&T Infotech plans to be ahead of the competitors in promoting this transformation,” says Moroney. Owing to the emergence of new technologies, the company also aims to shift from being a traditional SAP service provider to developing competencies in cloud and other emerging technologies, including integration services for on-premise ERP and on-cloud line of business solutions.

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VineetMoroney, Global Solutions Head

L&T Infotech is a leading IT Services company serving Global 2000 clients. It’s a part of Larsen & Toubro, $14 billion global leader in engineering, technology, construction and financial services

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