Global Software, Inc: Creating the Ultimate Excel-based SAP Reporting Platform with Spreadsheet Server

CIO VendorSpencer Kupferman, CSO
Every day, enterprises generate enormous amounts of data from interconnected systems, and mobile devices. Large MNCs face a huge challenge in distributing this data to various offices across the globe. For instance, Bowie Resource Partners, LLC (“Bowie”), the largest coal producer in U.S. found it enormously difficult to manage their data as their headquarters is located at Kentucky, about 1500 miles away from the mining land. Operating on legacy systems, the distance posed challenges in their Excel-based reporting and analysis. They required an application that allowed them to leverage a familiar interface with limited IT intervention. Global Software, Inc.’s Spreadsheet Server was the ideal answer for the mining firm.

Spreadsheet Server has revolutionized the SAP user experience through its intelligence and ease-of-use for reporting, automation and distribution processes via Microsoft Excel

Utilizing Spreadsheet Server's intuitive nature, the application's out-of-the-box capabilities for SAP's FI-CO, COPA, and COSA offer the business user the ultimate in Excel-to-SAP integration. This seamless integration of SAP data is infused to Excel dynamically, enabling the user to drill down to the lowest level of detail. The implementation of the Spreadsheet Server solution was a game-changer for Bowie Resource Partners, LLC. In addition to taking their Excel reporting platform to another level, Spreadsheet Server also streamlined the distribution of data from the mines. Spreadsheet Server greatly enhanced their financial management systems and also enabled them
to drive down the manual intervention involved that leads to reporting and analysis errors and significantly speeds up their month-end closing processes. With their worldwide corporate headquarters based in Raleigh, North Carolina, USA Global Software, Inc.'s flagship product Spreadsheet Server is a Microsoft Excel based add-in that pulls live data from any SAP module individual users access to custom reports specific to their line of business or geographical location, with unlimited formatting options. “Spreadsheet Server has revolutionized the SAP user experience through its intelligence and ease-of-use for reporting, automation and distribution processes via Microsoft Excel,” says Spencer Kupferman, CSO, Global Software, Inc.

In addition, Spreadsheet Server’s cloud-based repository known as QueryExchange™ acts as a shared community where users can find SmartPaks of queries in minutes to meet their needs. Another component, Distribution Manager, automates report distribution by eradicating the need for multiple email attachments. Spreadsheet Server also has the innate ability to connect to any non-SAP data source as well which offers a technological complement to all of the mixed ERP environments in the SAP landscape.

Spreadsheet Server assures limited IT intervention and helps the CIOs focus more on growth, trends and technology perspective of the firm. The secure Excel-based model that is offered with Spreadsheet Server's Dynamic Spreadsheet Methodology (DSM) is can be deployed within minutes and hours. Global Software, Inc. has invested heavily in big data and Spreadsheet Server was the first Excel-based application that is HANA certified. Shedding more light on the product’s latest enhancements, Kupferman says, “we have added a narrative reporting capability, this is essential for end users and executives to gather a more complete picture of their analysis and reporting.”

“Spreadsheet Server continues to mature like a fine wine in the SAP market. We encourage all SAP users across the globe who is currently not using Spreadsheet Server to ask us to put them in touch with our customers so they can receive an intimate understanding of the value proposition derived from this tool,” claims Kupferman.

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