Green Diamond, LLC: Big Data + Sustainability = Next Generation Performance

Todd Fein, CEO
Do you have a powerful dashboard at your fingertips that reveals how likely you are to sustain your performance?

With the help of Green Diamond, LLC, the U.S. Department of State does. “With the power of these tools at our fingertips, we will operate more responsibly around the globe, as well as demonstrate continued leadership in creating a sustainable world,” says Donna McIntire, Chief, Energy and Sustainable Design, U.S. Department of State.

Innovation is critical to our future, and Green Diamond, headquartered in Arlington, VA, brings the strength of big data and sustainability together to provide organizations cutting edge solutions to conquer the challenges of the 21st century world. Capitalizing on SAP technology, Green Diamond’s solutions extend beyond traditional business intelligence: “We empower organizations to fulfill the promise of value at the intersection of People, Profit, and Planet,” exclaims Todd Fein, CEO of Green Diamond. “Learning how to measure and manage the balance between these three 'Ps' is the key organizations need to unlock the next generation of performance, which requires a more holistic approach to achieving success that lasts.”

In addition to helping organizations thread “triple bottom line” metrics that extend the traditional metrics with which it is also proficient, Green Diamond offers organizations a foray into prescriptive analytics and serious games that accelerate results. “Companies that focus on traditional forms of business intelligence often have blind spots that cause them to miss risks and opportunities to their top and bottom lines,” says Steve Offutt, Green Diamond’s VP Sustainability.
“Green Diamond helps organizations broaden and deepen their sight line what they measure, how they measure it, and how they translate insights into meaningful actions.”

To maintain their reputation in the market, Green Diamond has invested heavily to distinguish itself. “Our mission, values, and innovative skills are what keeps us at the pinnacle,” says Matt Finkelstein, VP, Product and Alliances, Green Diamond. “The way we choose our employees, partners and customers has put us on the right path for our journey.”

It was these factors that brought the company into the spotlight at the U.S. Department of State, where, under the Greening Diplomacy Initiative (GDI) that Secretary Clinton launched, the company has worked to transform large, disparate sets of data into powerful, easy-to-understand tools for the Department to sustain the performance of its portfolio of roughly 24,000 properties in 275 cities around the world. And it is these factors that continue to make Green Diamond a ray of sunshine for firms seeking new ways to lead.

The shift to the paradigm of sustainable performance is a challenging, but inevitable one. The world unfolding is one in which population, data and technology, consumer awareness, investor pressure, regulatory demands and other drivers are all increasing relative to resources. Green Diamond provides a team of pioneering business and technology experts to help organizations match the challenge. It understands that helping its clients do “well” is at least in part a function of helping them do “good” for the world from which they seek success. Green Diamond is sharp, passionate about helping its clients realize their potential, and poised to team with more organizations who are seeking an innovative management and technology solution provider to help them secure their future.

Green Diamond, LLC

Arlington, VA

Todd Fein, CEO and Matt Finkelstein, VP, Product and Alliances

Provides Microsoft Excel-based automation and analysis tools to Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) platforms.