hartung:consult: Reinforcing the Strength of SAP to Optimize Business Performance

Dr. Oswin Hartung, CEO and Founder
The catchphrase “Industry 4.0” is an often heard concept that is paving way for the fourth industrial revolution. “Amidst these IT advances, we see a lot of innovation potential by just using SAP systems, especially in the U.S,” states Dr. Oswin Hartung, CEO and Founder, hartung:consult. With the new SAP Fiori landscape running best on SAP HANA, a dramatic shift is observed in smarter storage and increased performance. This is where hartung:consult comes in, with their twenty seven years of know-how in leveraging the functionality of SAP solutions; and investing in global competence centers for SAP HANA, influencing products, such as Fiori, Lumira, and Personas.

With a long-standing experience record in the market, hartung:consult has developed a business model disseminating ideal interaction between their subsidiaries and clients across different continents, with a single point of contact. The model starts with a readiness check and the alignment of a business strategy with the IT organization, SAP strategy, and architecture. Privy to the dos’ and don’ts of developing a beneficial and reliable global system environment, hartung:consult showcases profound expertise on the central and local market requirements. "In our opinion, international SAP projects, especially the ones spanning over various time zones, need an intercultural approach to run projects and our ability to provide this service make us stand apart from our competitors,” remarks Hartung.

For SAP HANA, in particular, hartung:consult provides a Percentage of Compleetion (POC) method which facilitates easy understanding of technical aspects and analysis of future benefits from SAP HANA. One of hartung:consult's core competencies is in group reporting architectures combined with processes such as forecasting, planning and consolidation. The company also provides mapping of local supply chains to a corporate supply chain which brings transparency in intercompany margins and transfer pricing.

Governed by the belief that the foremost quality of a good business advisor is the skill of listening, hartung:consult follows three broad customer service steps.
“Firstly, we listen carefully to a client's need, secondly, we combine our knowledge with the client's strength; and thirdly, we develop creative solutions,” informs Hartung. Pragmatically developing solutions, hartung:consult delivers the best ways to run HANA migrations using SAP HANA as a generic data warehouse with new analytic models. The company also believes that SAP HANA holds immense possibilities in analytics which will simplify projects in the future. With majority of their clients’ headquartered in North America and Europe, hartung:consult has helped several customers by improving transparency, and optimization in their business environments. The company has also helped clients transition from various heterogeneous system architectures to a single architecture which reduces maintenance and service costs up to 60 percent.

hartung:consult has developed a business model disseminating ideal interaction between their subsidiaries and clients on all continents, with a single point of contact

Furthermore, garnering on the trend of optimization and business service processes on a local and global scale, hartung:consult plans on investing in their on shore services. Additionally, with Service Landscape Transformation projects, a growing topic in the industry, hartung:consult's North American region is currently driving shared services enablement for external and internal processes. hartung:consult is also evaluating on setting up their own subsidiaries in emerging markets like Indonesia, Vietnam and Mongolia in partnership with SAP. “We have had long project experiences in these globally emerging countries, and it's time we set base in them directly,” ends Hartung.


San Jose, CA

Dr. Oswin Hartung, CEO and Founder

Provides consulting services with focus on SAP products and services including aspects in management consulting.