LCR-Dixon: Building New Frontiers in SAP Tax Management

Suzy Soo, CEO and Co-Founder
Companies running SAP usually implement transaction tax software for the researched content and centralized management of sales/use tax, GST/PST/ HST and in some cases VAT. After all, who wants to research the 9,000+ rates and thousands of taxability decisions in the U.S. alone? And with transaction taxes heavily dependent on core business process in SAP, one firm has carved a niche with Fortune 1000 companies to tighten the integration between those SAP processes and taxes.

Founded in 2006 and based in San Francisco, LCR-Dixon offers a different approach to implementing tax systems with SAP. “We’ve worked with enough compa¬nies to know where the balance lies between getting the right tax answer and not burdening the business users. For example, when Accounts Payable folks need to add 40- 60 key strokes per invoice for handling tax imbalances, it becomes finance problem–not just a tax problem,” says LCR-Dixon Co-Founder and CEO, Suzy Soo. “After years of custom-building ABAP solutions to fill the tax gaps, our development team lead by CTO and Co- Founder Jeff Bleacher, worked out a better way. We’ve pre-developed SAP solutions that are highly configurable and scalable to fit all shapes and sizes. So instead of 4-6 weeks of custom development, we drop in our code, configure the options and have it ready for testing within 1-2 days. It’s the smarter way to integrate a tax system with SAP and our clients love it.”

LCR-Dixon offers ten SAP-based solutions within the procure-to-pay, order-to-cash, reporting and analytics, and master data functions. One such solution is TUESday (Tax User Exits Simplified), which is essentially pre-developed ABAP code for taxes. “With TUESday, you don’t need an ABAP developer to write custom code — it’s already written. You just drag-n-drop your data mappings. No black-box, no mystery, and no developers needed to make changes or debug the code,” remarks Suzy. “TUESday is essential to controls because it makes sure the tax system is engaged. Without it, users can “game” the system and block taxes from calculating on their purchases. What seem like an 8 percent discount up front actually becomes a 10+ percent liability once it’s picked up on audit,” she adds.
Jeff Bleacher, CTO and Co-Founder

Our SAP solutions have revolutionized the way transaction tax systems are integrated with SAP. You can deploy in less time, at lower cost and with better functionality. It’s a nobrainer

Another popular solution offered within the Accounts Payable process is VENDORecon, which automatically balances the SAP invoice when tax differences arise between the tax system and the vendor. “VENDORecon eliminates the need for manual intervention by A/P users and it complements many A/P automation solutions, such as ReadSoft, OpenText and Ariba. When we are able to reduce 60 keystrokes on an invoice to one single keystroke, it’s a win-win for everyone,” states Suzy.

“We already have over 95 SAP customers using our technology today and over 35 of them are Fortune 1000 companies. We are an SAP partner, and we partner with the major tax software vendors (Vertex, Taxware, CCH) and several global consulting firms. We see tremendous growth in our business as SAP customers are realizing that tax automation doesn’t have to come with workarounds,” says Suzy. “Our next frontier is tax data analytics and leveraging the performance gains from the HANA database platform. We already have our SPOT reports deployed at many companies—which offers tremendous tax reporting visibility in SAP. We are very excited to be offering our Diagnostax program this year. Think of it as Artificial Intelligence for taxes. We extract a ton of detailed data, analyze it for accuracy and data input patterns, give it some easy statistical views and enable it to auto-correct taxes for transactions from the past and the future. It’s pretty cool stuff,” concludes Suzy.


San Francisco, CA

Suzy Soo, CEO and Co-Founder and Jeff Bleacher, CTO and Co-Founder

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