Linx-AS: Optimizing Business Processes and Productivity Using SAP

Jeff Frye, President
An astounding number of companies are investing in SAP to make their businesses more innovative, productive, sustainable and most importantly, profitable. Though SAP applications widely enable business processes, there exists certain “white spaces” like industry-specific requirements that are not covered by SAP. Addressing these ‘white spaces’ is Linx-AS, a strategic consulting and software development firm that provides user experience, product life cycle management, and regulatory and compliance consulting services using SAP.
Theoretically, SAP is the backbone of business processes. But if an SAP solution is poorly implemented, particularly with product lifecycle management and is rejected by the users, it will not extend the benefit of ROI and lower TCO. Linx- AS recognizes the impact of one SAP solution over different areas of business thereby maximizing user productivity and ROI. “At Linx-AS, we bring a deep process and SAP technical knowledge for customers with detailed attention to user experience,” says Jeff Frye, President, Linx-As.

Linx-AS perceives innovation as an important aspect that acts as an accelerator for businesses. For instance, SAP Recipe Development can manage product development for companies like formulation, packaging components, and quality testing. But, in the process of composing the label, which includes the ingredient statement, nutritional facts panel, and design artwork, SAP is challenged by its competition in the consumer products industry. Understanding industry needs, Linx- AS is able to craft a labeling & artwork management solution with standard SAP components.

The company stands as a specialized consulting firm for SAP PLM, Environment, Health and Safety Management (EHSM), and User Experience (UEx).“At Linx-AS, our 15 year’s of success can be attributed to three major areas—investment in people, culture of innovation, and SAP infrastructure,” says Frye.
Further, the company successfully maintains a significant SAP development landscape to turn innovations into real solutions, whether it’s SAP Fiori app to record new product ideas for R&D or a project accelerator that reduces data load effort by weeks. “On a whole, faster time to value, reduced risk, and attention to customer’s business strategy is our key focus,” adds Frye.

Linx-AS has a large clientele that expands across various verticals such as consumer products, chemicals, life sciences, oil and gas, and high-tech. For instance, the company assisted an international chemical organization, which was carrying out an R&D transformation project, and in the process acquired new capabilities of a North American player. However, this acquisition brought along IT challenges around huge amount of data and lack of integration in existing SAP systems. They also had to deal with inefficient product development processes yielding competitive disadvantage. The client leveraged Linx-AS’ solutions that not only optimized their data structure and quality, but also mitigated their compliance risks through centralized data and automation. This altogether led to an increased speed of commercialization and reduced compliance risk for the client’s business.

Linx-AS helps companies maximize their ROI in SAP technology

Moving forward, Linx-AS is expanding its innovations using SAP Fiori and SAP HANA technologies. To cover additional market segments and geographies, the company has collaborated with Espedia Consulting, an Italian consulting company that has complementary strength in SAP PLM and manufacturing. “Working along with this alliance, we aim to assist process manufacturing industries in Europe with packaged solutions for managing formulas, packaging, labeling and product compliance,” concludes Frye.


Blue Bell, PA

Jeff Frye, President

Consulting and software development firm that focuses on Product Lifecycle Management (PLM), Environment, Health, & Safety Management (EHSM) and User Experience (UEx) solutionsleveraging SAP technology.