IT-Informatik Iberia Digital: Simplifying the SAP Landscape

Richard J. R. McCullough, Managing Director
How do maintenance personnel ascertain whether the assets of their organization are operating or if they need to be maintained? Conventionally, they would visit the site multiple times and check on them whilst recording heaps of data manually. Subsequently, the back office personnel would transcribe all this information into SAP. All these manual steps can be eliminated with IT-Informatik Iberia Digital’s maintenance solution, OPRA.

Taking a unique approach toward asset life cycle management, IT-Informatik Iberia Digital equips those companies using SAP, with its 100 percent integrated solution, OPRA. OPRA enables effective asset monitoring, allowing enterprises to know the location as well as the condition of their assets. OPRA provides a clear illustration of the assets that require maintenance and can also predict future tasks thanks to conditioned based monitoring, bringing forth a significant optimization in asset availability and cost structures.

The solution empowers its users to establish modern strategies and operating concepts with increased ease of use and system acceptance, which consistently improves efficiency and productivity. “On an average, OPRA accelerates the complete maintenance process inside SAP by 75 percent. What could require 19 clicks using SAP standard can be done in three clicks with OPRA,” affirms Richard J. R. McCullough, MD, IT-Informatik Iberia Digital.

As OPRA is 100 percent SAP technology, OPRA mobile SAPUI5 and OPRA desk ABAP/Web Dynpro, it does not need interfaces or middleware, reducing data duplication, and is capable of responding to user-specific requirements. OPRA has been implemented in S4 HANA environments ensuring the technological advantages and giving their customers a cost effective solution, which ensures their initial investment made in SAP by optimizing the processes within. All these improvements have a high influence on the user experience as OPRA is intuitive increasing the data quality information.

IT-Informatik Iberia Digital provides to all industries, as their clients have unique set ups for maintenance processes, granting them insights into the assets that need maintenance along with the related costs.

What would take 19 clicks using SAP standards can be done in three clicks with OPRA

OPRA’s resource manager module planning table provides an overview to plan and schedule all activities. Information such as qualification and experience ensures the correct decision is being made, reducing assets downtime.

SAP is a transaction-based solution and difficult to use, conventionally forcing the hiring of professionals to operate the system. This is why IT-Informatik for already more than 8 years, transformed the interface into a more natural and intuitive one. OPRA’s user interface raises the efficiency and the user-friendliness, becoming the solution of choice customers were looking for to fulfil their digitalization strategy.

Helping the customers modernize and accelerate their maintenance activities through OPRA has allowed IT-Informatik to enter into an expansion process and take the road to internationalization. The company’s unique and innovative workforce in Barcelona is now developing high-end solutions geared to meet the demands of its international customers. “At IT-Informatik Iberia Digital, innovation enters as an idea and does not leave until it is a complete solution. We are employing all the technologies covered under the broad concept of industry 4.0 to fulfil the day by day operative requirements of our clients,” says Mr. McCullough.

IT-Informatik Iberia Digital is making strides with SAP’s new technologies, services, and solutions. “What makes us different is that we have envisioned a way of working with SAP for several years that has put us ahead of time. Whilst always having the users of our solutions in the centre of our developments, our expertise has enabled us to exceed in fulfilling not only the technical requirements but also the users’ requirements,” concludes Mr. McCullough.

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Richard J. R. McCullough, Managing Director

For more than 30 years, IT-Informatik has been successful on the market in implementing and providing solutions for S/4 HANA

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