SAP for Dynamic and Real Time Information

SAP for Dynamic and Real Time Information

Mark Shaver, VP & CIO, Joy Global
Mark Shaver, VP & CIO, Joy Global

Mark Shaver, VP & CIO, Joy Global

Practical Implementation of SAP in the Business Processes

SAP is the global solution for Joy Global. We use SAP for all business processes that an ERP completes. We also use MII (Manufacturing Intelligence Integration) and are currently implementing Business Planning Consolidation (BPC). It’s a little different scenario for Joy Global when it comes to SAP transforming the business because we went live on SAP in 1996. We operated on an AS400 system prior to SAP. This instance of SAP was the first opportunity for JGI to have a true ERP System. In the last ten to fifteen years we have made acquisitions and other activities that we roll into our SAP environment.

"Leverage SAP to transform data into information that provides direction to achieve the results for the business"

SAP through the years

SAP was robust even in 1996 and many companies were looking for “real time” data r ather t han r eports. In Joy we were focused on global visibility of our business and inventory control. The pain points prior to SAP were frequent weekend maintenance, always creating reports, and limited visibility of current conditions to mitigate business risks.

How Companies go Wrong with SAP/ERP systems

This concern is not only related to SAP but any ERP system. An ERP system demands that you have good processes. It demands that you have some discipline around those processes and from the very start of the business process your ERP system is involved in building everything till the closing of that process. Too often companies believe that a system, functionality or software is going to be the “ silver b ullet” t o p roductivity. In fact you must address your processes on the journey. We embrace Operational Excellence and focus on eliminating waste, simplifying the process, and automating were possible. Many times you implement an ERP system and if you haven’t addressed best practice processes the ERP system cannot be leveraged.

Values derived from SAP implementations

The most seen issue on SAP implementations is the team. Too often companies select people who are available and not the best people. Secondly you simply cannot bring in poor processes into the new environment or you will just make things worse faster.

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