Synactive Offers New Mobile Business Apps for SAP ERP

Synactive Offers New Mobile Business Apps for SAP ERP

By CIOReview | Friday, May 9, 2014

FOSTER CITY, CA: Synactive, developer of innovative solutions to extend SAP applications to all user touch-points wherever they are, introduced six new mobile apps to empower users.

The pre-built apps are built on the Liquid UI platform and can be deployed in a day. Any change or modification to these apps can be done by scripting in WS Rapid Development Framework, or deployed to any other touch-points, which also include HTML5-based browsers or SAP Graphic User Interface.

The four executive apps are: The Liquid UI Purchase Req Approval App, Liquid UI Purchase Order Approval App, The Liquid UE Material Sales Analysis App, The Liquid UI Customer Sales Analysis App. These features help managers approve purchase requisitions of indirect good or services, provides insights into how a particular material is selling, and also offers real-time customer sales information.

The two apps for users are: The Liquid UI Stock Overview App and the Liquid UI Asset Lookup App. These features allows users to check the inventory of material stock in all the plants or storage locations and also enables searches and viewing of details of a particular asset on the phone with the help of Google Maps.

The features offered by these apps include standard SAP logon and ease of use for any type of user; direct connection to SAP supported Unicode, multi sessions, Smart Action button, toolbars, context menus and SAP DynPros, and one native applet for low footprint with no SAP Mobile Platform or web browser required. It also offers Liquid UI’s patented connectivity technology for optimized and compressed native connection to SAP. The apps also allow the ability to repurpose transactions to mobile devices with simple scripting based on existing SAP modules, optimization for small displays while still supporting all SAP GUI features and SAP workflow integrations with the device’s email client. The advantages include no requirement of web service, ABAP, Java, or mobile development experience.

Thomas Ewe, CEO, Synactive, said, "Liquid UI ensures SAP users can be efficient regardless of whether they are using SAP GUI, the web, or mobile devices. The new Rapid Applications built on the Liquid UI Platform provide organizations a quick deployment of mobile capabilities needed to accelerate business. We will also continue to leverage the platform to develop new and high value apps for enterprises."