Brillio: The New Know How in Technology

CIO VendorRaj Mamodia, CEO
The Brillio team has a single minded mission to be the co-innovation partner for its customers, focused on deploying the new know how in technology to help each customer Being an IT industry veteran, Raj Mamodia was quick to cite the reliance of companies on unreliable sources to spot emerging technology and innovations. Mamodia felt that by modernizing industries, implementing new capabilities and solving critical problems faced by businesses and consumers, Brillio will deliver on the promise of market change. This belief eventually conceptualized into Brillio—a global technology consulting firm focused on leveraging emerging technologies for innovation and application modernization.

Headquartered in Jersey City, NJ, Brillio is driven by 3 core principles—Innovate for Growth, Improve Business Agility and Renew IT Efficiency. It is focused on continuously seeking and evaluating emerging technologies to assess where they might add business value. To be competitive in today’s digitally transformed and connected marketplace, organizations must innovate rapidly and they need to do it cost-effectively.

Brillio specializes in developing innovative solutions for business agility and IT efficiency, providing Application Management Services in a Shared Services model that is certified by SAP. As a certified SAP partner, Brillio is involved in country-specific development for SAP and has performed the maximum number of Country India version (CIN) implementations since 1995 using certified suite of products for India commercial/legal compliances.

Real-time Enterprise Enablement, Unwired Enterprise Enablement and Enterprise Cloud Enablement are a few of the key offerings from Brillio’s Enterprise Applications suite. The Real-time Enterprise Enablement solution is designed to enable customers’ access to SAP HANA for analytics and for transacting in real-time to enhance performance and increase ROI. Unwired Enterprise Enablement provides enterprise mobile applications for customers including mobility advisory services and mobile app development using native and FIORI apps.
Enterprise Cloud Enablement is an agile transformation of ‘on premise to cloud’ SAP applications to promote flawless migration.Brillio is focused on building business solutions for retail, CPG, technology, utilities and banking and financial services clients to enable enterprise agility. Of the numerous Brillio customer case studies the success story of a renowned tire manufacturer stands apart. The client observed that their field staff struggled to interact with many of their SAP applications. Sales personnel were calling and providing the order details to create the Sales Order using the transaction in SAP. This was time-consuming and real-time information was not being updated in SAP. Brillio’s client sought to improve the user experience and employee productivity, by offering field staff with real-time remote access to Purchase Order and Sales Order on their mobile device.

Brillio proposed an enterprise mobility strategy. The Purchase Order approval and Sales Order applications developed, using Brillio’s OptiMobility and proprietary mobility platform, seamlessly integrated with all the back-end systems, enabling ease of development and deployment along with robust device management. The applications supported multiple operating systems and the OptiMobility tool provided alerts and workflows. These offerings allowed managers the ability to approve Purchase Orders on the move, which in turn significantly increased operational effciency, reduced cost and improved overall organizational productivity and employee satisfaction.

Brillio plans to develop IP-based solutions to address specific business problems in focused industry verticals such as Storm Analytics, Bank Stress Testing, Margin Analytics, Reliability Centered Maintenance and Safety Analytics. Additionally, Brillio is deploying IP-based support services and implementation such as OptiUp, OptiACC and OptiBW to stay ahead of the curve.

“Going forward, we will consistently look for new ways to innovate and new opportunities to explore. In our Innovation Labs, we will be pushing industries into the future—and the methods, philosophies and concepts underlying their code. We are committed to becoming the ultimate resource for makers and creators building software to revolutionize the way we do business,” concludes Mamodia.


Raj Mamodia, CEO

A global technology consulting firm focused on leveraging emerging technologies for innovation and application modernization