Critigen: SAP's Authorized Spatial Systems Integrator

CIO VendorTom Turchioe, CTO
Critigen is a full-lifecycle spatial systems integrator driving business performance through spatial IT solutions and consulting. Critigen helps clients make spatial technologies “work” in organizations of all sizes, integrates spatial technologies with enterprise systems, and enables field users with mobile spatial solutions.

With global reach, top-tier partnerships and a full-lifecycle approach, Critigen delivers all components of a geospatial program: data collection, spatial processing, analytics and intelligence, application development, and mobile solution development. Critigen’s Spatial Enterprise consulting services tie these technology and process components together with business strategies that maximize the value of geospatial information. They deliver the “Power of Place” to enterprise data.

“Because of our experience in spatial integration, SAP® approached us to co-develop the spatial capability in SAP® Work Manager. By integrating geospatial information–whether that’s the location of gas, electric, water, and sewer relative to a work order or notification in SAP® Work Manager or it’s showing geospatial patterns inherent in logistics, retail or insurance data in SAP HANA® – the user gets a complete picture which is not possible with transactional data alone. We have solutions for SAP® Mobile Platform, SAP HANA® and SAP® BI – we spatially enable SAP® technology,” said Tom Turchioe, CTO of Critigen.

Critigen has well over 2 decades of experience working on some of the world’s most complex and large projects. They have worked on such marquee projects as the Panama Canal Expansion, the London Olympics, a major base relocation project and many others. Critigen is also an Esri Platinum partner and understands the Esri product suite and technology extremely well.
They have built solutions that utilize SAP HANA®, SAP® BI, SAP® SMP, EAM and LAM, Work Manager, and various Microsoft products as well as other major GIS software.Critigen has built use cases on top of the SMP spatial capability targeted at utilities and DOTs. By providing the integration of a company’s GIS system and their SAP® EAM/LAM system on the mobile device using SMP and Work Manager, those workflows are now much more efficient, enabling quicker remediation and, for utilities, reduced ETR. The map becomes the interface– the GIS and transactional data are now in one place. Customers don’t have to carry around a separate GIS app or paper maps. Best of all, Critigen is able to provide this capability integrated into SMP, into Work Manager; it’s not yet another app that rides on top of SMP or EAM/LAM.

Critigen continues to work closely with the SAP® field teams and customers to make sure they continue to innovate–to create relevant solutions that solve real problems. Having many years of adding the “power of place” to transactional data and leveraging their spatial expertise on projects allows Critigen to provide their customers with the visual knowledge to make decisions faster and with more accuracy.

Moving ahead, Critigen and its clients see value in providing location analytic applications on top of SAP HANA®. They are also continuing to develop mobile applications that utilize SMP. Critigen will continue to innovate around the integration of spatial and SAP® products. Critigen has been formally trained on SAP’s rapidly growing GEO.e engineered solution.

GEO.e brings spatial data directly into the SAP® business modules (EAM, LAM, Real Estate) so that SAP® and GIS end users can perform location analytics with an integrated data set.

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Tom Turchioe, CTO

Full-lifecycle spatial systems integrator driving government and private-sector performance through spatial IT solutions