Taulia: Tailoring Dynamic Discount Management Solutions to Speed Revenue

Bertram Meyer, CEO and Co-Founder
A SAP buying organization using an on-premise SAP system was previously considered to be a “closed” system, specifically in the area of buyer and supplier collaboration. Some obsolete Electronic Data Interchange solutions existed, but those could only connect an organization with select large-volume suppliers. Taulia, a company headquartered in San Francisco, CA, changed that by facilitating bi-directional communication with suppliers of all sizes, geographies and maturities from within buying organizations’ SAP systems. Taulia is a rapidly growing SaaS platform and network for supplier financing, eInvoicing and supplier portals.

Founded in 2009, the company provides a cloud-based electronic invoicing and dynamic discounting solution for Global 2000 and Fortune 500 enterprises. “The entire software industry in the SAP arena is finally shifting and adopting SaaS. Taulia was always built as a SaaS solution that extended onpremise SAP systems into the cloud,” says Markus Ament, CPO and Co-Founder of Taulia. Taulia offered an early alternative to “SaaSify” the SAP system and extend its reach to an organization’s supplier base via a SAP-based solution that connects businesses to their supply chain. The solution makes purchase orders, invoices and payment transactions immediately visible to buyers and suppliers - reducing and eliminating supplier inquiries and allowing the acceleration of payments through dynamic discounting.Taulia’s focus has always been on transforming the way businesses partner with one another and was designed to address inefficiency challenges present within the organization-from negotiating payment terms to lowering overall operating costs.

For instance Taulia added a comprehensive eInvoicing component to their dynamic discounting solution, giving suppliers a compelling reason to sign on to the portal and utilize early payment discounts to get paid faster.
The key differentiator for Taulia is its market for large SAP accounts. “Our solution is a SAP add-on and results in quick implementations that require little to no IT involvementor additional resources,” explains Bertram Meyer, CEO of Taulia. The company’s SAP add-on to run on HANA guarantees a flawless transition of SAP clients to HANA. It performs realtime risk assessment of supplier credit worthiness in split seconds, which otherwise would have taken, a longer time.

"Our solution is a SAP add-on and results in quick implementations that requires little to no IT involvement or additional resources"

Taulia’s customer base comes from a variety of industries, including auto manufacturing, utilities, oil and gas, retail and food and beverage. In an interesting example, it is seen that Taulia changed an obsolete EDI solution that connected only a selected few larger suppliers with the buying entity. The company made it possible to communicate bi-directionally with suppliers, while also offering supplier financing to the entire supply chain.

What’s next for Taulia? “The coming year revolves around one of our newest product developments, Taulia Enhanced Discounting™, a flexible supplier financing solution that allows buying organizations to completely customize a supplier financing offering to fit the needs of their entire supply chain and any ERP, which provides seamless integration for the industry’s widest range of ERP systems,” adds Meyer. The company will also be focusing on launching a mobile app that will bring Taulia’s robust supplier portal capabilities directly to our buyer’s and supplier’s mobile device. “Through our mobile application, suppliers will be able to react instantly–either by accepting an early offer as soon as it is posted or checking an invoice or payment status from home,” concludes Meyer.


Bertram Meyer, CEO and Co-Founder

A provider of cloud-based invoice, payment and dynamic discounting management solutions for large buying organizations

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