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CIO VendorMarty Carney, President and CEO
Organizations constantly struggle to get decision enabling analytics from their data in a way that’s both affordable and quick such that their resources aren’t being drained on one IT project,” says Marty Carney, President and CEO of WCI Consulting—a company that is trying to address these problems with business intelligence technologies.

Headquartered in Dallas, TX, WCI Consulting’s primary goal is to offer complete solutions that ensure decision makers have accurate and relevant information to make fact-based decisions. The company provides services in the areas of data warehousing, data modeling, data migration, data cleansing, master data management and data support. Being a SAP service provider, WCI Consulting also offers several fully functional SAP solutions/systems that support Data movement, Data Visualization and Big Data analytics, and help the clients perform comprehensive reporting and analysis.

WCI represents a wide range of services and support for many of the different Business Intelligence and Data warehousing tool providers in the market. In particular, SAP BusinessObjects and SAP Data Services are two key offerings of the firm. SAP BusinessObjects provides organizations with a full set of tools to optimize business intelligence; gives access to a centralized portal; and allows clients to easily mine, analyze and report information from any data source. The offering also frees the technology/solutions that are held up

Organizations constantly struggle to get decision enabling analytics from their data in a way that’s both affordable and quick enough that their resources aren’t being drained on one IT project

within the organization and eliminates the need for disparate systems. On the other hand, SAP Data Services give organizations the opportunity to extract, transform, and load (ETL) data in batch or real time; ensure data integrity by addressing information trapped in silos and identifying data inconsistencies; and accelerate data integration across platforms through data marts, ODS s y s t e m s and data warehouses. It also identifies trends through data analysis, increase productivity through the single user interface, and define inline complex transformations or custom building functions.

Instant Access, WCI’s another innovative solution for support and training challenges enable the clients to successfully bridge the gap between the issues that are prevalent in the market and allow customers, at a low cost point, to instantaneously access knowledge of systems integration, Business Intelligence, and best practices to further succeed in their endeavors. The success story of a not-for-profit green research firm is one of the best examples of the proficiency of WCI’s solutions. The nonprofit organization’s primary issue was to develop a solution that will allow it to capture the extensive data that it received, and organize it in such a way that it could be analyzed and developed into reports.

WCI offered SAP BusinessObjects OnDemand Reporting tool that automated the collection, standardization, consolidation and presentation of data. WCI then merged all the data with the client’s existing CRM system to give them the ability to do structured reporting that could also be segmented based on various parameters, and as a result, for the first time in the client’s history, their data was automated. This meant that the non-profit organization could set up various modules for their customers, giving clients access to information that is specific to their industry or market segment.

“Going forward every customer needs to understand their data in order to run an efficient business, as well as prosper in their market. This is where we find the most traction and we would invest heavily in this segment,” says Carney. “Another pain point that we are currently showing value to the market is addressing the incomplete service packages of consulting, support and innovation.

You cannot be just one or two of these anymore. A true data consulting company will need to excel in these three areas for their customers so they can focus on what they know best, their business,”he concluded.

WCI Consulting

Marty Carney, President and CEO

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