ANCILE Solutions: Offering Integrated Solutions for Employee Success

Greg Sybersma, Chief Sales and Marketing Officer
When companies experience rapid change in technology, processes, or growth, they recognize that employee success is highly dependent on accelerated learning and proficiency. ANCILE, a global developer of learning and compliance software, provides solutions that support software adoption, employee on-boarding, process compliance, and change management.

ANCILE’s 4400 customers, which include half of the Fortune 100, use an integrated suite of ANCILE products to communicate key concepts, monitor and test user understanding, ensure compliance, and validate those communications over time. Customized learning content is then authored, distributed, and applied to the customers’ unique technology environment. These solutions, known as uAlign, uPerform, uGuide, and uLearn, deliver context-specific guided learning at the right time, in the right quantities, to end users on the device of their choice.

In a recent example, Infirmary Health, which delivers healthcare to more than 100,000 patients annually, selected uPerform to rapidly tailor and deliver training on new software to more than 850 physicians and 500 supporting staff, achieving regulatory compliance within 10 weeks. In another example, global food processor Tyson Foods, with more than 115,000 domestic and international team members across 90 countries, leveraged ANCILE products to empower 270 authors to create, edit, and share learning content with 50+ global business units.

Customers use ANCILE software to author learning content on a growing list of more than 100 supported software applications, including those of ANCILE partners. “ANCILE’s cloud-based solutions support and drive user adoption and retention, which in turn improves customer satisfaction and ROI. That benefits our partners tremendously,” explains Greg Sybersma, Chief Sales and Marketing Officer.

Amongst its distinguished roster of partners is SAP, with whom ANCILE shares over a decade of experience in delivering mission-critical software solutions that improve employee proficiency and ultimately, productivity.
ANCILE is a PartnerEdge Software Solution partner, and has achieved SAP’s certification for Enterprise Support Integration. “In the current SAP landscape, uPerform and uAlignare are so tightly integrated they are marketed and sold as SAP Productivity Pak and SAP Communication Center. We will continue to offer them indefinitely as part of our relationship with SAP,” says Sybersma.

In addition to SAP, ANCILE partners with HP, EMC, Open Text, and BMC Software. “Our partners have global customers, some of whom have more than 1 million users. ANCILE solutions provide the scalability and flexibility they need to meet the demands of over 19 million end users. We are motivated and proud to deliver innovative solutions that help our partners create pioneering e-learning content around their applications” says Sybersma.

Our diversified customer base really motivates and drives us to deliver innovative solutions. We have partners with millions of users, and we help them to create pioneering e-learning content around their applications

ANCILE will continue to expand on its web hosting services to improve overall customer experience and, in the coming years, will build on its record of success to offer additional cloud-based offerings such as multitenant Content-as-a-Service. “ANCILE’s vision is to provide a worker-centric success platform that allows for on-demand and on-device access, a seamless, in-application user experience, and unified data and analytics,” says Sybersma.

ANCILE Solutions

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Greg Sybersma, Chief Sales and Marketing Officer

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