Caserta Concepts:Employing Big Data to Strengthen Business Processes

Joe Caserta, President and CEO
It is a fact that SAP is exceedingly flexible and adaptable to any type of business process and that in turn highlights its comprehensiveness. However, the comprehensive nature of SAP suggests the underlying complex technology,” says Joe Caserta, Founder, President and CEO of Caserta Concepts. Regardless of SAP’s vast significance, it is extremely difficult to take data out of the system for cohesive analytics. This is where Caserta Concepts comes into the picture. “Whenever someone wants an analysis across different systems, we take data out of their SAP environment, clean it, conform it, and integrate it with other data assets in a new structure specifically designed for analysis. Our solutions are 100 percent automated and quality assured for reporting and analytics,” explains Joe.

Caserta Concepts is a New York-based, award-winning innovation technology consulting and implementation firm that helps clients leverage emerging technologies to drive business value. Through its expertise in the SAP techology, the company has brought fluency to the workflow of many organizations in a variety of industries including retail, healthcare, insurance, and financial services. “We have always used SAP as a source system for our BI solutions,” claims Joe. “We are intimately familiar with its internal data structures and inherent complexities.” Caserta Concepts is fueled by its Big Data analytics consulting team that determines the right technologies and vendors for its clients with the goal of unlocking the value of their data and providing them with a path for unmatched growth.

The company also designs highly scalable data warehouse solutions, offering an end-to-end answer to business information challenges in order to accelerate business productivity. In addition to these solutions, Caserta Concepts offers many other services to enable their clients to efficiently harness the data within the enterprise. It is for this reason Caserta Concepts has a strong track record of success with SAP tools.

Client Success

With the help of Caserta Concepts a 100 year-old global firm with offices in Asia, Europe, America and Australia success¬fully addressed its daunting data challenges.

The ascent of trends like cloud and internet of things (IoT) has changed the ecosystem of ERP solutions

After going public two years ago, and for the first time in the company’s history, there was an absolute need for holistic reporting drawn from data that resided in silos in each market. Caserta Concepts built a solution on the cloud that would integrate information from all of the company’s SAP instances across the globe. It enabled the client to assess how each business area was implemented, and to extract and consolidate data for a 360 degree view of operations. “The service was available through a completely automated system, making the data 100 percent credible, reliable, and consistent,” says Joe. Caserta Concepts also leveraged the power of Hadoop, NoSQL Databases, and open source technologies for data integration, allowing the company to process data of all sizes. The solutions Caserta Concepts developed were modeled in their own innovation lab and built entirely on the cloud.

Over the past few years Caserta Concepts has experienced exponential growth, a testimony to its evolution from a pure technology company to a data innovation firm. “We are planning to introduce never before seen solutions highly tailored to individual businesses, unlike the repeatable tools that dominate the industry today,” says Joe. He also believes that keeping close to SAP is very important for Caserta Concepts. As new technologies like IoT, sensors, and other data devices evolve, it is highly likely that SAP will undergo an evolution of its own. Caserta Concepts intends to be actively involved with the SAP ERP ecosystem while continually enhancing its analytic capabilities.

Caserta Concepts

New York, NY

Joe Caserta, President and CEO

Collaborates with CIOs and their IT organizations to help them gain new business insights by maximizing data value.