Configurable Management: Get Control of your SAP Master Data and Automate Manual Business Processes—Rapid Deployment Solutions

Steven Branch, President and CEO
SAP has captured market share with its integrated platforms that meets the needs of vast majorities of businesses today. However, post go-live businesses are still facing the challenges pertaining to SAP management from data and transactional perspectives. In most companies at least 25 percent of the vital information in their ERP is inaccurate or incomplete, which sabotages the data quality. Even the IT department, that historically owned the development, delivery, and support of solutions, is overwhelmed with the impossible task of creating the adequate tools in this timeframe for the businesses. Additionally, Email and office snail-mail have also enabled the businesses to introduce manual operations into their environment. This introduces SOX compliance risks, adding to the risk of critical data loss and inefficiency. Though, there are solutions that can help firms to solve some of their data challenges, they require IT resources, which take more than a year to implement, and need consultants for their implementation. It was this challenge suffused landscape that ensured the advent of Configurable Management, a Lewisville, TX based company, which is empowered with variety of solutions that include SAP, SharePoint and proprietary products that solve master data and business processes challenges.

“We empower users to build, deploy, and support solutions that address their data challenges in a fraction of the time in comparison to the solutions,” delineates Steven Branch, President and CEO, Configurable Management. The tools put forth by the company enable firms to automate virtually any manual business process whether it is SAP related or not. Configurable Management’s solutions consent technical resources to focus on the technical demands of the organization, and also enable firms to solve their business needs with minimal assistance from IT. This approach leads to the rapid development and deployment of solutions solving data quality and business process automation challenges while fortifying a continuous improvement model.
“Our products support SOX compliance, improve productivity, and improve job satisfaction,” says Branch.

Configurable Management has an elite staff that oversees many solutions covering a broad range of capabilities that include SAP Basis Administration, functional configuration, and ABAP development. Data Validation Solution (DVS) is one such tool that reduces the cost of verifying data migrated from legacy systems to SAP by comparing the migrated data programmatically and reporting the results. CapEx Spend Management Solution is also a part of the company’s laudable portfolio, which acts as an accelerator designed for deploying a solution to manage purchasing requests for capital expense projects.

Irrespective of the string of eminent solutions, Branch believes it is their relationship with their clients that differentiates them from the rest of the competitors. In one such instance, one of the company’s manufacturing clients estimated savings of $1.4 million in 2014 using their solutions for data migration. The savings was achieved by reducing the need for custom developed data migration programs using contract consultants. Through the products, the functional analysts created their own data migration solutions. This was completed in less time than that would have been otherwise required to communicate the design requirements to contract programmers.

Going forward, Configurable Management is planning to introduce their clients to a new appliance that will enable them to quickly create a firewall with exact replicas of their Windows computing application environments. The appliance facilitates the ability to develop new programs or apply upgrades, patches and other configuration changes, in a test environment without affecting the production system data. Soon the company will also launch an Excel based solution to reduce the complexity of the SAP physical inventory process. “We are excited about the addition of the physical inventory solution into our ever expanding solution offerings,” concludes Branch.

Configurable Management

Lewisville, TX

Steven Branch, President and CEO

Provides implementation and support capabilities that cover the entire spectrum of SAP solutions from back office ERP to front office business intelligence.