Implico Group: Helping SAP Customers to Optimize their Oil & Gas Downstream Processes

Thomas Weggelaar, CEO
In today's challenging business atmosphere, best-run companies require clarity across all facets of their businesses, permitting them to act rapidly with augmented proficiency, competence, and suppleness. “This is particularly correct if your business runs on SAP,” notes Thomas Weggelaar, CEO at Implico. “The current SAP landscape is moving more towards in-memory computing with its new HANA and Big Data offerings,” he adds. Headquartered in Hamburg, Germany, Implico Group with subsidiaries in the U.S., Romania, Malaysia, and Switzerland, moves in-step with SAP to offer solutions that complement the existing SAP architecture, while supporting numerous companies to optimize their business processes.

Implico combines its vast experience across various projects in the oil and gas downstream industry with IT and SAP ERP expertise to efficiently serve their customers

Implico offers professional, integrated consultancy and implementation services from a single source, targeting process optimization to mid-sized companies and enterprises across the world. With various services across oil and gas downstream, Implico has established itself as a technology leader in the process industry. “Having very close technical and commercial ties with SAP, Implico is a software company, but also an IT service provider, a system integrator, and a data service provider,” says Weggelaar.This deep partnership has even resulted in SAP recommending Implico’s solutions to their customer base.

Implico combines its vast experience across various projects in the oil and gas downstream industry with IT and SAP ERP expertise to efficiently serve their customers. They have also invested millions in their innovation lab for the oil and gas industry. “Our intention is to heavily work with these clients to fulfill their requirements with SAP solutions and maintain compliance with the SAP roadmap,” says Weggelaar.
Secondary distribution and fuels retailing software from SAP developed by Implico helps oil and gas companies optimize downstream logistics processes and fulfill demand more profitably. SAP offers solutions like SAP SDM (Secondary Distribution Management for Oil & Gas) and SAP RFNO (Retail Fuel Network Operations).

SAP SDM is a solution for the downstream industry that supports trading and logistics processes within the oil and gas industry. It is based on industry’s best practices.The integration of transportation companies, own fleet, Terminals/Depots and Refineries is the main scope of the application. Based on the SAP Industry Solution Oil and Gas the package provides additional functionalities like a Sales Logistics Cockpit for order placement, a planning and disposition board for truck scheduling, and applications for delivery fulfillment.

SAP RFNO is the SAP standard solution for efficient management of Service Station Networks. The solution manages fuels and services, provides real time visibility into fuel inventories, supports settlement with partners and improves the decision making process. SAP RFNO supports all common business models in the service station segment. The package is an industry-specific application, offering functional enhancements for the fuels management in service station networks.

For an elaborate understanding of Implico’s solutions, consider the example of AmeriGas, the country’s largest propane distribution company. The customer has over 700 distribution districts throughout the U.S. and faced a huge problem in collating and reconciling their data across multiple onsite systems. They also needed to bring the consumption forecasting for their customers onto a new centralized platform. Implico improved the client’s IT landscape tremendously, helped integrate data with their financials, and seamlessly brought together all the essential data into one system.

Going forward, Implico wants to further develop best-of-breed SAP solutions. “We keep our focus on the logistics and financial processes of the oil and gas business. Our aim is to offer integrated order-to-cash processes, combined with real-time analytics, mobile applications and cloud-based services. These elements are decisive while creating tomorrow’s downstream supply chains,” concludes Weggelaar.

Implico Group

Hamburg, Germany

Thomas Weggelaar, CEO

Provides professional, integrated consultancy and implementation services from a single source targeting process optimization to midsized companies and enterprises.