MOURI Tech: Tailoring Comprehensive Consulting Services for Customer Specific Needs

CIO VendorAnil R. Yerramreddy, CEO
With advent of technology, customers are increas¬ingly demanding rich user experience with their applications and are under pressure to bring the benefits of Social, Mobile, Analytics and Cloud (SMAC) to their en¬terprises, while balancing the risks of in¬tegrating various solutions and technolo¬gies that become part of the landscape in the pro¬cess. Industry lead¬ers, including SAP have evolved in the last three decades to help alleviate these pressures on IT leaders. The evolution has addressed many chal-lenges, but also brought an impediment in discerning and navigating the ever changing technology arena, and integrat¬ing various technology platforms. With an appetite for learning, understanding and a customer-centric approach, Irving, TX based MOURI Tech strikes the right balance in embracing technology in solv¬ing client’s needs and integrating various platforms seamlessly into a customer’s landscape cost efficiently and effectively.

MOURI Tech has evolved as a true Global Enterprise Solutions company over the years. The company’s knowledge and delivery experience in ERP areas such as SAP, PeopleSoft, SalesForce, Microsoft and Oracle is a huge value addition to its customers, reflecting on how the company has thrived over the past decade as a niche player in this space. “We have successfully gained our customers in the areas of Integration and Data Migration between ERP and non- ERP systems,” says Anil Yerramreddy, the founder and CEO. After a decade of experience in the business, the company is growing at a consistent pace. MOURI Tech’s growth is driven primarily by referrals and repeat business.

The company offers value-driven turn-key projects and comprehensive consulting services tailored to each customer’s needs to deploy, customize, integrate, support and maintain complex IT systems including ERP. MOURI Tech’s investment in this space has helped provide solutions that bring immense value with the use of the right technology and creative solutions. MOURI Tech’s successful introduction of tools in SAP DSM, BRF+, FIORI, HANA, Grantor Self Service, Simple Buying Experience (SBx) is a testament of their commitment to drive business. Apart from tools, every implementation, upgrade, and roll-out is a testament of the company’s commitment to bring value to the customers.

MOURI Tech’s focus on project methodologies have been time tested and help customers keep costs low without compromising the quality of deliverables. The company’s successful deployments in the last three years witness a 60 percent of work completed in a distributed model. This has helped them execute pro¬jects successfully in less time and at a low¬er cost. “We strongly believe that our re¬source pool, process, domain knowledge and ability to coexist with mul¬tiple partners/vendors in the customer’s landscape has made it possible to success¬fully implement the model,” extols Yerramreddy.

In addition, MOURI Tech leverages its intel¬lectual property and knowledge to client teams to increase their IT landscape ROI and lower the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO). One such product from MOURI tech’s stable is SBx which has been de¬signed and developed along with its partner to simplify and enhance the procurement process while providing an intuitive user experience. The solution can run on top of SAP SRM/MM Mod¬ules or integrate with PeopleSoft pro¬curement tools that support catalog and non-catalog shopping, order tracking, receiving and approvals. This solution enables customers to leverage the ERP investment and does not require new hardware or additional da-tabases. It seamlessly inte¬grates with existing solu¬tions in terms of master data synchronization and user authentication. The company’s ability to un¬derstand customers, their user’s needs and the busi-ness process combined with the selection of right technology for the right reasons has enabled the clients to provide tremendous value for investment. This is where MOURI tech excels by providing easy choice to the leaders.
MOURI Tech’s SAP expertise has brought significant improvements and efficiency gains to several customers including the City of Portland, Stanley Black and Decker, Caterpillar, Microsoft, SAP, REI, Dal-Tile, Callaway Golf, NPC International, United Nations and Tesoro among others. “Our goal is to leverage best of breed technology and provide guidance to our customers in implementing the right solutions for better ROI which is a win-win for all. This differentiates us from the competition,” notes Yerramreddy. With several partners available in the market place, the key to success of MOURI Tech has been its understanding and ability to cater to the demands of customers to use technology as contributor to the top line and the differentiator between them and their competition to increase the bottom line.

For instance, the company worked closely with the City of Portland—an innovator for government financial management effectiveness and efficiency. The city is very progressive in their modernization efforts of replacing aged and out dated computer system that were unable to keep up with the city’s information needs. This resulted in embarking on a major implementation project to support their financial, procurement and HR payroll processes with a leading Systems Integration Company. However, the customer faced a failed implementation attempt that adversely impacted the client’s budget and schedule. At that crucial juncture, MOURI Tech stepped in along with the software vendor to save the failing project. After completing the blueprint, it was observed that the number and complexity of development objects exceeded original estimates. In order to solve this challenge, MOURI Tech provided a proven methodology for implementation and project management. The company provided their global delivery model to the client to scale up resources without impacting the budget. MOURI Tech also developed and implemented intermediary interfaces which were integrated seamlessly to accommodate the go-live approach selected by the City.

Our goal is to be the best of breed with technology and provide guidance to our customers in implementing the right solutions for better ROI which is a win-win for all and that is our differentiators from the competition

Moving forward, the company is focused on expanding its operations in analytics, including SAP HANA; Big Data, cloud applications such as Ariba, Hybris, C4C and mobile technologies . MOURI Tech’s expansion plan is in line with most of the customer needs in order to bring the knowledge and value to the table. “We are also solidifying in the ad¬jacencies to the core areas of investment that many companies have already made and now integrating processes, products and platforms that are required to propel them to the next level,” explains Yer¬ramreddy. With regard to geographical expansion, MOURI Tech is investing in infrastructure to accommodate more employees. This enables the company to maintain the necessary support structure for its consultants to ensure customer satisfaction. In addition to current pres¬ence in the USA, India, Germany, South Africa and UAE, MOURI Tech is plan¬ning on expanding to Australia and Can¬ada as well.


Irving, TX

Anil R. Yerramreddy, CEO

Provides value-driven turn-key projects tailored to each client’s needs to deploy, customize, integrate, support and maintain complex IT systems including ERP and non-ERP.