Techwave Consulting: Exceptional SAP Services for Better Business Management and Outcomes

CIO VendorDamodar Gummadapu, Founder and CEO
Today businesses are more dynamic, fast-paced and are changing rapidly—disrupting the cost recovery and business models. “IT which plays a pre-dominant role, cannot deliver the changes that businesses want in time,” notes Damodar Gummadapu, Founder and CEO, Techwave Consulting. Businesses seek to reduce complexity, develop new business models, and create business outcomes in the SAP environment.

Headquartered in Exton, PA, Techwave Consulting remains committed in solving the problems of a SAP driven business by providing its clients exceptional SAP services. The company’s module is client-based and prides itself in working continuously in guiding and supporting the clients. “We have never lost our clients, with whom we have started working with since the establishment of the company,” says Gummadapu. Techwave supports its clients with various delivery options including on-shore, off-shore and near shore. The company has been in operation for a decade and has a good understanding of the client’s business; this enables them to quickly respond and provide appropriate solutions.

In addition to offering various industry solutions, Techwave mainly focuses on providing system integration in the areas of Enterprise Resource Planning, Business Intelligence, Big Data, Enterprise Performance Management, E Commerce and Mobility. The company’s methodology is based on delivering solutions, end to end, by taking the client’s project and providing them project initiation, blueprint, requirements gathering, realization and even the post production support. Techwave’s seamless integration approach with the client’s team enables the company to be an on-demand extension of the client’s IT departments, providing key skills and resources. The company has expertise in all SAP core markets and harbors dedicated tools, teams, and methods that are ready-to-roll and time-tested.

Techwave partners with the best technology developers and leverages global delivery models to accelerate IT services and drive measurable business outcomes. The company leverages BI/EPM solutions and helps small, midsize, and large organizations implement Business Planning, Financial Consolidation, and Strategy Management Solutions.

We are well positioned in the industry and we help clients to go on to have a platform whether it is a BI, Big Data, Mobility, EPM or the ERP

To complement its various end-to-end services and solutions, Techwave is investing steadily in Big Data, Mobility and e-commerce technology. Techwave’s partnership with SAP allows them to understand the technology better and helps in delivering new SAP products and effective training materials that fit the clients’ needs.

Leveraging its extensive SAP industry experience, Techwave has extended its services to many notable clients. One example is a Fortune 100 company in the food and retail industry. The client was facing challenges in enabling system generated forecast to facilitate and validate current forecast based on historical data. Client was also seeking flexible and easy mechanism to review business trends with the management. Techwave was selected for its enterprise wise financial and management consolidation implementation. In the process, Techwave helped them to reduce budget cycle time and provided faster, more complete financial long-range planning, reduce the period closing time, quick financial forecasting cycle and robust reporting. The company also facilitated the ability to create a formal enterprise forecasting process which resulted in faster response to dynamic business conditions.

Going forward, Techwave is planning to expand its customer base aggressively throughout the globe. “We are positioned to be doubling in size and we will exceed globally to more than 700 people by end of 2015,” says Raj Gummadapu, COO. Techwave is focused on serving clients extensively in the different markets and be a go to global technology partner.

Techwave Consulting

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Damodar Gummadapu, Founder and CEO

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