Matthew Hayes, VP, SAP Business Disruptive innovations continue to unfold within SAP, prompting businesses to take the first step toward strategically planning, evaluating, and developing a forward thinking notion to work in such a demanding environment. As such, data within the SAP environment is like a Rubik’s Cube—make a single move to change one square, and it will have a huge effect on all the interconnected touchpoints. A step in the wrong direction would create an avalanche of complexity. “This is especially true when it comes to data management in Quality Assurance and test systems within SAP,” states Matthew Hayes, Vice President, SAP Business, Attunity. More importantly, businesses need to ensure that accurate data is available for the development, testing, analysis, and training, while still protecting sensitive data. It is a rare feat that only few can achieve adroitly, and Attunity has made its business out of this. “Solving challenges in data replication and test data management is Attunity’s strength,” affirms Hayes. Headquartered in Burlington, MA, Attunity [NASDAQ:ATTU] harbors great expertise in SAP data management technology, making it the “go-to vendor” for many enterprises.

“Our solutions help customers maximize the value of their investments in SAP,” says Hayes. Whether it is for efficiently creating and updating non-production systems with relevant data in the historically ‘data flooded’ SAP environments or for building a test environment with select data copies, Attunity helps its clients save the expensive drain of resources, storage, and time required to manage, support, and secure the data. The prowess of Attunity is evident in the way it works with customers, listening carefully to their needs and providing an easy way to manage test data for SAP. “Our solutions are designed to reduce enterprise storage requirements, improve the quality and availability of test data, restore development integrity, and ensure data security,” says Hayes.

Jumping into the Heart of SAP Data Management

Attunity’s story traces back to 2008, when Shimon Alon took on the role of the Chairman and CEO. Alon devised an aggressive development strategy that successfully helped Attunity increase its product portfolio, revenue, and value, which in turn led the company to be listed on NASDAQ. Apart from having an exponential growth in revenue, Attunity has been able to penetrate the technology market through series of acquisitions. In 2013, by acquiring Hayes Technology Group, an SAP professional services and software development company, Attunity strengthened its position as one of the prime software vendors for SAP data replication, offering a broader line of solutions that enable effective data management, access, sharing, and distribution across heterogeneous IT platforms in diverse SAP environments.

Having established a strong foothold in the SAP arena, Attunity today provides database sub-setting for SAP environments. Attunity Gold Client® is SAP certified, application-specific software that allows users to identify, replicate, and move data within SAP applications. Attunity Gold Client eliminates the need to copy the entire production database to non-production environments by allowing SAP users to export user-defined subsets of data dynamically from any source within the environment. Gold Client further enables the customer’s teams to import the data subsets into targeted environments as needed for development, testing, and training.

“It delivers a flexible approach to selecting and replicating data based on any criteria, and controls the amount of data being copied from individual transactions to larger volumes,” says Hayes.

With our powerful solution, we allow customers to effectively manage data volume and availability for enterprise specific needs

“With our powerful solution, we allow customers to effectively manage data volume and availability for enterprise specific needs,” he adds. Additionally, Attunity Gold Client enables companies to decrease the total cost of ownership in the SAP landscape. Customers can reduce infrastructure and data maintenance costs, increase efficiency in development and training, mitigate security and privacy risk, and diminish business disruptions.

Data Management Innovations for SAP

Offering the most agile system to transform, synchronize, and copy selected data across the SAP ecosystem, Gold Client is a complete software solution to manage data volume and availability. Gold Client is able to address multiple business issues and provide solutions for test data management, business data transfers, landscape management, and SAP HANA migrations. As efficient testing requires production quality data, Attunity Gold Client provides the most recent and relevant data from a production environment to enhance testing and strategic process improvements. It also copies configuration, master data, and specified selections of transactional data into testing environments. Gold Client provides fast and flexible data management, resulting in a dramatic reduction in the amount of time, effort, and resources required to manage data. “Our ability to copy targeted production data into non-production systems allows SAP customers to retain their landscape integrity,” affirms Hayes. Within integrated SAP environments, when large corporations “spin-off” specific business units, separating business data into two separate SAP systems, it can present a complex problem. In such scenarios, Gold Client allows enterprises to identify and extract the relevant data. “Only master and transactional data that is identified as belonging to the divested business unit is surgically targeted and exported,” says Hayes. The exported data can be used in establishing a new SAP system allowing the divested entity to go live and operate separately from the parent organization.

Attunity Gold Client can facilitate the process and decision to adopt SAP HANA by enabling enterprises to easily select, protect, and copy reduced and relevant data from their traditional SAP database. “Customers can load the master data into their current production database and perform basic testing to understand the use case or business case for HANA,” elucidates Hayes. In addition, with Attunity’s replication and CloudBeam technology, data can be migrated across an on-premises SAP system and a cloud-based environment, or across clouds. Attunity CloudBeam allows data-driven organizations to streamline the migration and incremental loading of big data across Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, or Google Cloud. Using Attunity CloudBeam, organizations are able to rapidly move data projects to the cloud and accelerate the adoption of hybrid cloud strategies. In addition, “our comprehensive data scrambling features help customers feel confident moving sensitive data to the cloud,” affirms Hayes.

Going the Extra Mile

Complementing Attunity’s robust Gold Client solutions for SAP data is its extensive support and customizable set of services.
The firm supports customers, not only by sharing best practices, “how to videos,” and “tips and tricks,” through its support portal, but also by constantly interacting with them.
For example, Attunity conducts internal customer reviews twice a month where approximately 10 to 12 customers are selected and their successes or challenges are discussed and addressed. “We need to talk with our customers regularly to understand how they are using our solutions. Understanding what is working and what needs improvement is critical. We also share the roadmap with them which helps us align our short and long term vision with the needs of our customers,” says Hayes. Alternatively, the configurability of Gold Client offers support to SAP customers irrespective of their industry, the database size, and the level of customization. “Any uniqueness in the SAP project can be supported through the robust configurability of Gold Client and changes can be easily managed by the customer,” asserts Hayes. “We focus on training customers to be self-sufficient in customizing Gold Client to meet their needs.”

"Any uniqueness in the SAP project can be supported through the robust configurability of Gold Client and changes can be easily managed by the customer"

Attunity’s continued support and proven solutions have helped many customers overcome operational inefficiencies and ensured success. For instance, Colmobil, Israel’s largest importer and distributor of passenger and commercial vehicles executed several SAP projects in parallel. The company wanted to move two subsidiaries’ legacy systems to SAP. This required updating testing environments in order to develop new business logic and connect all the data. After exploring several different solutions to refresh the QA and Dev system data, Colmobil opted for Attunity to move SAP data selectively. By deploying Attunity Gold Client, the customer’s SAP team quickly selected and copied subsets of relevant data needed from production to non-production targets for Dev and QA work. Attunity Gold Client drastically reduced the time taken to refresh for testing as it extracted only the data relevant to the customers needs, enabling a much more efficient process. The data was replicated with all the required information, exactly as it existed in the source.

“Additionally, it allowed efficient troubleshooting of production problems outside the production environment,” states Hayes. In the end, Attunity Gold Client delivered greater agility and increased the productivity. The customer’s teams could solve more problems and execute many projects simultaneously without worrying about systems and data issues.

Embracing the Future Wave

Attunity has supplied innovative software solutions to its enterprise customers for over two decades and has successful deployments at thousands of organizations worldwide. “With our experience in the field, the customers have been our best inspiration for innovation,” says Hayes. Envisioning a future with more developments, Attunity will continue to improve its offerings for the SAP market by leveraging the power, technology, and innovation of Gold Client. The broader vision for Attunity focuses on commencing data replication not only from SAP to SAP, but also from SAP to non-SAP targets. Anticipating an exciting future within the SAP landscape, the firm is developing expanded capabilities for the SAP HANA platform, SAP S/4HANA, Hadoop, and the cloud. “We are focused on being complimentary to SAP offerings and helping SAP customers get better value out of their projects so that they can be better positioned to adopt newer technology,” ends Hayes on a positive note.


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Matthew Hayes, VP, SAP Business

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