CSI tools :Establishing Greater Compliance in the SAP Environment

Johan Hermans, CEO
Access governance systems have grown in importance over the last few years due to an increased emphasis on regulatory compliance, and a heightened concern for overall IT security. Subsequently, “organizations are always changing, collaborating and so are their SAP systems,” states Johan Hermans, CEO, CSI tools. This has created a great challenge for organizations in managing system access to applications and data, due to enterprise systems growing in number and complexity. Founded in 1997 and headquartered in Belgium, CSI tools offers guidance to simplify the complexity of data governance by splitting it into two layers: a governance layer and a technical layer. “The access governance becomes transparent, as the management can focus on the governance aspects, and the technical people can focus on the technical layer, while receiving instructions through the governance layer,” says Hermans. CSI tools’ dynamic analytics tool for instance, delivers intelligence from decisions taken in access governance for SAP environments.

CSI tools offers a suite of targeted products in the SAP environment for governance, risk management, and compliance (GRC). “Our broad range of software products and tools are designed to help companies remain compliant in all areas,” asserts Hermans. The firm’s products address all GRC needs with supporting rule sets, frameworks, options to automate tasks and change requests, dashboards, and many more. In addition, CSI tools’ Cockpit and Engine provides insight into the organizations’ real vulnerabilities, streamline SAP roles and then delivers practical solutions to improve the risk/security posture, like automated role building and reverse engineering.

The company’s CSI Authorization Auditor 2016 software reveals weaknesses in the authorization concept and helps to identify undesired authorizations, accumulation of access rights, unsecured back doors and cross-system Segregation of Duties (SoD). The application comes with a pre-defined rule set that can further be fine tuned and is up and running after installation. CSI Role Build & Manage (CSI RBM) is used to maintain and manage the SAP security concept in an efficient and effective way with features like automated role building.

Our broad range of software products and tools are designed to help companies remain compliant in all areas

CSI Automated Request Engine (CSI ARE) processes user and role access requests and has integrated SoD checks to prevent unwanted access in the access requests.

Alternatively, CSI Emergency Request (CSI ER), an automated emergency procedure with firefighter capabilities to mitigate risks and allow a timely response of the intervention team, provides broad access to a SAP system with full evidence logging. With, CSI Data Xtractor, users can export tables from any SAP system and import SAP data into MS Access .mdb, MS Excel .xls or .xml files or take data offline and examine them as an independent data viewing tool. The tool also supports functionality for reading and exporting STAD data.

The company has rendered its services to several enterprises in multiple domains. For instance, CSI tools has supported the implementation of an integrated solution within AB InBev—a leading global brewer and consumer product company—to deliver efficient, effective and agile access governance and audit globally. The firm helped the client to automate GRC reporting and analyses resulting in less manual intervention and faster report lead time. It translated into huge cost savings for the client.

CSI tools has kept pace with the evolving market, innovating and releasing new solutions for SAP environment constantly. The firm’s innovations come from its years of experience in the SAP security arena. Going forward, “we are focused on providing our solutions in all possible formats–on premise client/server, on premise PC based and also SAAS,” concludes Hermans.

CSI tools

Herent, Belgium

Johan Hermans, CEO

Provides dynamic analytics tools for access governance in SAP environments

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