DataVard: Heralding the Business Transformation with SAP HANA-driven Analytics

Gregor Stoeckler, CEO & Owner
Enterprises across industries have a common story, they are looking to streamline and optimize operations in wake of mounting data sets. This involves efficiency gains when tackling the major challenges such as rapidly growing amounts of data, high testing efforts, international rollouts and managing risk and compliance. DataVard assists the enterprises with operational intelligence that drives smart data management, usage and risk based test automation as well as an analytical approach to security and compliance management. The company achieves this by enabling customers to team up technologies such as SAP HANA’s in-memory computing with statistical libraries and TCO-ideal data storage technologies like Hadoop or rising NoSQL databases.

With offices in Washington, D.C. and West Chester, PA. DataVard assists customers with the collection of large volumes of structured and unstructured data without forcing them to spend a fortune. DataVard perceives that the way out of this quagmire is to extract, transform, and load subsets into a traditional enterprise data warehouse for analysis. Elaborating on data management area, Gregor Stoeckler, CEO and Owner, DataVard, says, “Our main expertise lies in Analytics and Data Management plus helping the companies in BW/BI optimization, innovative and platform-independent data management, and implementations of SAP BW powered by SAP HANA.” DataVard is enabling customers to improve, switch and optimize their SAP investments by offering end-to-end solutions for data management, automated testing, system management, security or compliance and system landscape optimization (SLO).

“The potential of SAP HANA is recognized by most of the SAP customers, and they plan a mid-term switch,” says Stoeckler. “However, they want an independent assessment of their current situation, costs and risks involved, in order to make their SAP landscape fit for the future.” Based on the company’s BW and ERP Fitness Test, conducted with the customer, DataVard creates a clear picture; recommends actions for system optimization to be fit for the journey to HANA.

DataVard ERP Fitness Test combines automated analysis with personalized advice from DataVard’s specialists.

DataVard assists the enterprises with operational intelligence that drives smart data management, usage and risk based test automation as well as an analytical approach to security and compliance management

A part of a benchmark comparison with more than 300 SAP systems, the fixed-price solution also offers a compliance check and 360-degree feedback. SAP customers are provided with a clear picture of the current system usage enabling them to optimize costs and system performance, increase system stability and address risks rapidly. Also, the in-depth analysis is enhanced with interviews with key in-house contacts, in order to ensure quality aspects such as user satisfaction, agility and perceived strengths and weaknesses.

Among plethora of DataVard’s success stories, solving of KION group data landscape stands out. The BW landscape of the forklift truck manufacturer had grown to 11TB. In order to reduce system size to improve performance and reduce further growth, the KION IT dept implemented NLS solution, DataVard OutBoard for BW and the OutBoard Housekeeping module which expedited the removal of 3.3 TB dead freight data. “Uploading processes and increased performance were up by 25 percent on average and upload time of an important process chain was reduced by over 60 percent,” confides Stoeckler.

Moving forward, DataVard is to continue leveraging its analytical capabilities across its product portfolio to meet customer needs. Especially in the area of security and system monitoring, the company wants to provide prescriptive features based on smart agents that fix an issue rather than simply raising an alert or incident. “Also, we will expand our Data Analyst/ Scientist team to ensure we deliver value and keep a close eye on how and which Big Data uses cases actually deliver to promise,” concludes Stoeckler.


Heidelberg, Germany

Gregor Stoeckler, CEO & Owner

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