Microexcel: Innovative SAP Consulting Services to Optimize Business Operations

Abe Iruegas, SAP Practice Director
Undeniably, SAP plays an imperative role in aiding organizations to ease the herculean task of streamlining their business operations and customer engagements. This has been plausible owing to SAP’s ability to continually inculcate latest trends of cloud, big data and IoT into its portfolio of enterprise business applications. While this has resulted in distinctive capabilities across cost-effectiveness, performance, and quality of solutions, it often becomes challenging for enterprises to select an ideal solution from the sea of SAP solutions. “The lack of awareness on SAP’s latest practices, development, and deployment techniques deters an enterprise from taking full advantage of the technology,” says Abe Iruegas, SAP Practice Director, Microexcel. Microexcel has carved its niche in the market by utilizing a unique approach on building and implementing SAP-based systems, backed by its client-focused approach. The company offers innovative and comprehensive SAP-based consultative services to work collaboratively with clients across development, implementation, and run stages. “The proficiency roots from our capability to stay on top of SAP innovation and deal with the advancements that comes along with it,” he says.

As a SAP Sell and Services partner, Microexcel imparts both functional and technical expertise around SAP by providing consulting and outsourcing solutions for clients to realize their true business objectives. Towards this, Microexcel leverages a Global Delivery Model framework, agile-based methodologies, tools, and accelerators to ensure productivity and reliability for its clients. “Our pragmatic and iterative methodologies empower us to extend timely delivery and ROI of SAP solutions,” says Iruegas.

Adding to the capabilities, Microexcel delves to understand the vastness of SAP's portfolio—to understand the intersection of product and market position—to recognize the pain points and address the issues accordingly.

Our wealth of SAP specific repeatable methodologies around SAP software empowers us to offer timely achievement of business goals

Catering to one such market requisite, the company offers SAP S/4HANA, SAP’s Next-Generation Business Suite, consultation to speed-up processes, delivery of real-time performance, and improvement of planning cycles. The company readily advises enterprises to understand how SAP S/4HANA can mitigate their challenges.

As a tangible proof of the firm’s edge around SAP’s solutions, Iruegas cites an interesting case study where a chemical manufacturing customer relied on Microexcel’s SAP support services to improve their IT workflow. The client struggled to manage the IT infrastructure as they were mainly focused towards manufacturing goals— streamlining the material production aspects. The crisis was moreover aggravated by the factors of stiff competition, tight regulations and supply chain challenges. The client’s search for a trusted partner finally ended with Microexcel who provides customized management support services for its clients' SAP environments. The association enabled the client to focus on innovation, increase market share and gain a streamlined business flow. “Resultantly, our client also achieved incremental value year after year in the form of superior efficiency, innovative initiatives, and improved SAP-based infrastructure,” said Iruegas.

Microexcel’s success stems from its technical prowess, industry expertise and ability to provide a comprehensive and realistic view of SAP’s integration abilities across the SAP portfolio. Microexcel’s progressive go-to-market approach for 2016 embraces cloud, analytics, and the latest SAP technologies built on SAP HANA into its suite of services to accomplish a distinctive competitive advantage and unique market positioning.


Secaucus, NJ

Abe Iruegas, SAP Practice Director

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