WiiT: Scalable IT Models to Ensure Business Continuity

Alessandro Cozzi, President
Evolving market dynamics and continual changes in the supply and demand value chain require organizations with critical business deliverables to leverage technology in simplifying business processes that surround massive amounts of real-time information. Traditional siloed data models lack business continuity plans in the event of a disaster or fault, due to the complex layers of integration existing within their IT models. Businesses across the globe look to SAP HANA, an in-memory data platform that is deployable as an on-premise application or in the cloud to drive their enterprises and guarantee superior performances to users. An SAP partner and cloud provider, WiiT boosts the performance and quality standards of IT models through its range of hosted private and hybrid cloud, disaster recovery and business continuity services. “Our customers generally run 24x7 IT models and seek business continuity services to support critical and performance needs” establishes Alessandro Cozzi, President and CEO, WiiT.

WiiT assists organizations in migrating to cloud-based solutions that enable common recovery points for an entire customer infrastructure. The platform protects systems and data in case of hardware and software faults as well as problems that arise as a result of human errors. Heralding the SAP evolution as a key point of their agenda, the Milano, Italy headquartered organization offers SAP HANA solutions that matches various levels of security, hardware architectures, and software layers.

The SAP HANA On Cloud solutions allows the platform to provide flexible services to our customers in terms of enterprise productivity. The organization hosts client data on any one of its three data centers, which have TIER IV Certification of The International Uptime Institute with highest levels of security and reliability.Tier IV means today only 14 datacenters in Europe and only 30 datacenters worldwide.

WiiT platform specializes in outsourcing critical applications, that matches optimal Service- Level Agreements (SLAs). The best approach to satisfy diverse customers with varying priority-based needs of security and critical processes in cloud computing is through its Hybrid Cloud.A perfect combination of private and public cloud, Hybrid Cloud provides enterprise data security, scalability of services, business continuity, as well as processes business optimization and cost-effectiveness.

By implementing a Hybrid Cloud model within a company’s infrastructure we enable select critical business process streams to the highest security level, guaranteed by our Tier IV datacenter, for high company business performance

“By implementing a Hybrid Cloud model within a company’s infrastructure we enable select critical business process streams to the highest security level, guaranteed by our Tier IV datacenter, for high company business performance” adds Alessandro.

Through a highly-functioning and productive partnership with SAP, WiiT ensures to constantly push updates to all the high-performance solutions that will continue to offer high quality non-stop business services. “We hold six SAP certifications for all the continuous services on the SAP Hosting, SAP Application Management, SAP Cloud Solution, SAP HANA Enterprise Cloud and SAP BPO e SAP Infrastructure,” states Alessandro.

With a range of IT solutions for business continuity, WiiT has a global reach of operations that run critical applications. For instance, a large luxury brand wanted to set up a complex Hybrid Cloud service and was facing challenges with the entire migration process. WiiT platform services targeted to extend the brand’s geographical cluster scenario to enable a safe cloud environment. This allowed the client to run applications that were scalable and had no technology constraints, thereby reducing the data recovery time from days to minutes.

Moving forward, the firm will continue providing end-to-end services of hosting SAP that ae secure, flexible and disaster-friendly to help its clients, manage global operations and achieve challenging objectives, thereby ensuring high IT performances.


Milano, Italy

Alessandro Cozzi, President

Provides cloud-based solutions and services for critical applications with business continuity plans