CONCORN: Boutique Consulting for SAP Solution Manager

Valton Berisha, CEO
The last two releases of SAP Solution Manager (SSM) and their subsequent services packs have focused on ensuring the product is strong enough to support the SAP landscape from an operational perspective. With the release of SSM 7.2, a more concerted focus has been placed on supporting the business view of the SAP landscape, as the emphasis is on project implementation and ongoing requirements lifecycle. “CONCORN has been tracking this progress and understands how important SSM is to the SAP landscape,” points out Valton Berisha, CEO of CONCORN. Under the stewardship of Valton Berisha, who has over two decades of information technology and project management experience, CONCORN specializes in delivering SAP Application Lifecycle Management and SAP Solutions in adherence with the ITIL best practices. By applying an SSM-focused personal consulting approach, the firm delivers ready-to-run, highly integrated, preconfigured, and automated solutions to their clients. CONCORN has modeled their services to install and design roadmaps to bring the value-adding SSM toolset closer to business and IT, as enterprises embark on their digital transformation journey.”

“Having a roadmap is only part of the process as tracking and maturing that roadmap is often overlooked,” evinces Berisha. In order to truly position SSM as a value adding component in the IT strategy, there needs to be a defined path with a feedback mechanism in place to ensure steady and constant progress. “Typically, before applying a maturity model to a real-life context, an assessment is carried out within the prescribed context to identify whether or not the satisfying criteria for the lower levels have been met,” adds Berisha. “CONCORN has a multi-layered maturity model in place that checks for platform readiness, visibility, stability, technical performance, and governance and control in SSM deployments.”

Additionally, CONCORN provides activity logging and audit trails for systems and users, management of system data, service level management, infrastructure maintenance, upgrades, and license management for SAP Focused solutions. For enterprises looking to upgrade their SSM version to SSM 7.2, CONCORN provides them with unparalleled special upgrade support in the form of best practices and services. Furthermore, the firm offers product licensing support for SAP Focused solutions—turnkey solutions that offer insights into the operational environments and support the agile project methodology while seamlessly integrating into release management and testing environments.

CONCORN has a multi-layered maturity model in place that checks for platform readiness, visibility, stability, technical performance, and governance and control in SSM deployments

By being an active delivery partner in SAP’s Focused Solutions Circle, CONCORN leverages additional add-on capabilities to engage the project efforts of their clients by giving them greater insight and control of their projects through additional live dashboards and tools. “Fundamentally, there is a drive towards bringing all the aspects of a typical SAP project together onto one platform that is rich in content and relevant to the organization once the project goes live,” adds Berisha. The firm also delivers additional features and dashboards along with extensive training and ongoing maintenance support.

Having achieved the SAP accreditation for partner quality program, CONCORN endeavors to continue with their efforts to assist customers with achieving smooth implementations of business processes using SAP solutions. With a meticulous focus on comprehending the project lifecycle, from requirements to design, implementation, and operations, CONCORN’s expertise addresses the challenges spanning these multiple phases. The firm understands how to approach the documenting of the SAP business processes in a manner that successfully supports and contextualizes the impact of business requirements, and resulting innovations or changes, before the change cycle commences. “SAP Solution Manager 7.2 promises some major breakthroughs for SAP users and for enterprises wanting to remain agile and competitive, it is time to prepare and get ready for SAP Solution Manager 7.2 today,” says Berisha.


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Valton Berisha, CEO

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