Datavard: Modernizing the SAP Landscape

Goetz Lessmann, Managing Partner & Chief Service Officer
Data-driven innovation forms a key pillar in 21st-century sources of growth and organizations want to make the most out of their systems and data they already have. As a SAP partner for nearly two decades, Datavard helps SAP customers to reap the full benefit of their investment—for their SAP systems—and provides the ability to harness the power of cloud data management technologies. An expert in SAP System Landscape Optimization and data management strategies, Goetz Lessmann, Managing Partner and Chief Service Officer of Datavard says, “Our end-to-end solutions for data get our SAP customers ready for the challenges of the 21st century.” Datavard delivers innovative solutions to its customers and offers strategic decisions on SAP operations to modernize their SAP Landscape.

According to Lessmann, the way various organizations produce, manage and consume data varies greatly. For better visibility and a greater insight into data-driven user behavior, Datavard introduces IT Operations Analytics (ITOA); it uses the tons of data generated by organizations to drive prediction and simulation for them. IT Operations Analytics (ITOA) opens up new ways of analyzing data that already sits in the SAP system by a process of heat mapping and benchmarking. As a result, users get all the needed information on a single dashboard for successfully managing the SAP system landscape—including applications usage, data growth, performance bottlenecks, storage utilization, and user behavior, real-time monitoring, and much more. As the most comprehensive and precise tool for deep-dive analytics, it allows users to simulate disaster scenarios, avoid downtimes, and take data-driven decisions for organization growth.

Further, when it comes to taking strategic decisions on the future of the SAP landscape, migration to SAP S/4 HANA is one sure move by organizations. For this, Datavard’s expert team offers guidance and support to its customers with HANA readiness check—“A user-friendly solution that reveals— at first glance—what issues need to be covered before going live with S/4 HANA,” explains Lessmann. Apart from running all functional and business checks, Datavard delivers one of the most accurate HANA sizings available in the market.

Our end-to-end solutions for data, get customers ready for the challenges of the 21st century

With businesses now driving IT budgets, it is a key to innovating on the IT landscape to support data and help steer the decisions in the right direction. Datavard’s ‘OutBoard for Analytics’ is one such program that has been implemented by companies such as Skoda and Randstad. It not only prepared those companies for SAP HANA but also considerably reduced operational costs and improved the query response significantly while accelerating the flow of information for business decisions. The company enhances processes for various industries, from automotive, utilities, pharmaceutics to banking and increases their market growth using data, while shaping customer satisfaction.

However, there is a downside of HANA, the attached price tag, due to which many customers decide on moving data to less expensive cloud storages, such as Hadoop. “Running Hadoop in the cloud is obviously very attractive to reduce the system administration effort, though very different from any SAP application and software,” says Lessmann. To address the problem, Datavard’s own middleware—‘Datavard Glue’, seamlessly integrates SAP landscape with Big Data technology, so that SAP users can use Hadoop without even realizing its existence.

The seamless integration of SAP ERP, HANA and Hadoop is very innovative. “We are very proud to deliver a deep, native, integration that complements and exceeds standard solutions such as HANA VORA,” says Lessmann. By achieving a very deep level of integration in technology and system operations, Datavard helps SAP customers to leverage existing skills and resources to deliver more value and innovation to their users and customers.


Washington, D.C.

Goetz Lessmann, Managing Partner & Chief Service Officer

Datavard offers solutions in the fields of restructuring, data management and system management of SAP solutions