Gigas: High-Performance Cloud Infrastructure Specialist

Diego Cabezudo, CEO & Co-founder
While most hosting enterprises today compete to render wide-ranging products, there is one company that stands apart through its exclusive provision of cloud hosting infrastructure services. Gigas, headed by seasoned entrepreneur Diego Cabezudo, offers the first SAP-certified cloud platform in Spain and Chile together with extremely qualified support for hosting mission critical applications. Years of experience in technology and telecommunications leads Cabezudo to reckon that businesses now gravitate more towards service excellence than incumbency. In keeping with this view, he asserts, “We pride ourselves in being close to our customers taking them hand-in-hand in their journey to the cloud and providing tailored solutions to best fit their needs.” What’s more, Gigas adheres to the philosophy ‘think global, act local’, catering primarily to its native Spanish market across Europe and Latin America to cultivate growth in what it believes are significantly underserved customer divisions.

Gigas’s Cloud Datacenter facilitates a pool of resources (CPU, memory, storage, RAM, VPN, firewalls etc.) and is designed in a way that allows customers to create servers with exactly the amount of resources they require, granting total flexibility to allocate resources between servers. The most impressive aspect of Gigas’s cloud model is that it runs on a pay-as-you-go system thereby benefiting customers with major cost savings. More importantly, SAP’s certification of Gigas ensures the perfect integration of SAP applications with their service infrastructure resulting in the seamless execution of processes. This, in turn, boosts productivity by reducing downtimes and process responses. Adding to the context, Cabezudo remarks, “Our powerful yet easy-to-use control panel allows customers and SAP partners alike to deploy infrastructure in minutes and manage it, without requiring special skills or training.”

When it comes to security, Gigas is ISO 27001-certified and has basic firewalls for each of their servers, incorporated in their cloud datacenter. Teaming up with leading firewall vendors like Fortinet, Gigas ensures absolute security of all their processes and systems. “Our cloud datacenter solution complies with the European Code of Conduct for Cloud Infrastructure Service Providers, ensuring total privacy of customers’ data and compliance,” elaborates Cabezudo.

Our powerful yet easy-to-use control panel allows customers and SAP partners alike to deploy infrastructure in minutes

Gigas’s counter-intuitive approach towards serving local businesses acts as the key to its success. Its savvy technical support in Spanish surely gives the company an upper hand over large MNCs working remotely from the US. In addition, Gigas also has numerous local offices dispersed strategically that comply with local regulations, data protection, and billing to avoid tax withholding. Furthermore, it helps customers define the best path and systems architecture to migrate to the cloud by means of a consultive sales approach. Besides these, the company also introduces a cutting-edge feature named teletransportation. “Teletransportation eliminates the need for duplicating resources in different geographies, allowing companies to do more with less, while optimizing speed, service and business continuity,” the CEO emphasizes, alluding to Gigas’s exclusive feature.

Going by its robust service portfolio, it is no wonder that leading enterprises like Walmart, Aon, Avianca, Diners Club, Acciona, Gas Natural and many others count on the expertise of Gigas’s certified infrastructure. The fact that Gigas offers a well-defined margin to its SAP distribution partners while being highly agile, has branded it the de facto infrastructure partner in the SAP domain.

Gigas is en route to developing their offices and datacenters in new markets continuing with their “being global by being local” strategy. “We are also simultaneously investing to expand our indirect sales channel by collaborating with system integrators, ISVs, and SAP partners to reach out to customers faster and provide them with a one-stop-shop solution to their needs,” concludes the CEO.


Alcobendas, Madrid

Diego Cabezudo, CEO & Co-founder

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