Managecore: Transparent Approach to optimize SAP Investments

Michael Haase, Founder & Partner
The SAP environment often presents intricate challenges that bring forth frustrating issues in managing the optimal running of SAP systems. This emanates from the complex systems, new technologies, and the growing number of applications in various locations, coupled with the dropping customer service levels experienced in the SAP domain. In the scenario of a client’s support service being outsourced to a third party, critical information has to be made available to all the stakeholders to make informed decisions and effectively tackle these compounded challenges. “This leads to greater up-time, fewer problems, faster issue identification, shorter times to resolution, and lower overall TCO. However, very few managed service providers are capable or willing to provide the level of information required to achieve this goal,” says Frank Powell, Partner, Managecore.

Managecore delivers a service-based approach to help companies optimally manage their SAP systems, blazing a trail to disrupt the managed service provider market. The firm facilitates active engagement between customers and their SAP environment by providing readily available support services for SAP Basis, HANA and Cloud Hosting.

Managecore is built on what Michael Haase, Partner, calls the “T&Cs”—Trust, Transparency, Communication, and Collaboration. These principles guide the business and help the team to achieve long-lasting results. “Our business processes, tools and people are solely focused on supporting our customer’s systems in the best way possible,” states Haase.

In addition to employing top notch team members, the approach is to provide their clients with easy access to all the information they need. SAP is a core system that runs a business, and requires a high level of transparency and involvement. Customers often spend a lot of time and energy tracking down information from their managed service provider, but with Managecore, transparency is provided upfront in a clear, easy-to-use client portal. The features of the client portal include an outward facing monitoring tool for real-time performance and system status, project tracking for up to the minute status, service requests, documentation, and a collaborative message board. Managecore has a unique philosophy.
Frank Powell, Partner
“The goal is to offer instant access to information for clients and to stay connected with them to effectively support their SAP systems,” says Haase.

When the clients and the team at Managecore view the same information, at the same level of detail, several positive outcomes occur. Issues are identified and resolved faster, while many problems are prevented from ever occurring in the first place. “The resulting cost reduction comes in several forms including support costs, unplanned downtime, and project delays,” adds Powell.

Our business processes, tools and people are solely focused on supporting our customer’s systems in the best way possible

In addition to the interactive client portal, Managecore also utilizes state of the art tools for monitoring and automation. Manually monitoring an entire SAP landscape is inefficient and error prone. “By offloading this low value but necessary task, our consultants can focus on the higher value-add tasks and serve as visionaries to our clients,” says Haase. “Our consultants have more time to work on critical projects, performance and capacity trends, landscape strategy or other forward looking proactive activities.”

To stay ahead, Managecore is evaluating additions to its solutions portfolio. These include tools such as application performance monitors that can identify the loss of functionality and then pinpoint the specific error (even down to a specific line of code). And a Managecore service described as Virtual Cloud Management, which will manage systems in the public cloud, their private cloud and on premise systems under a single management umbrella. “These concepts and tools themselves may not be new, however the idea of a managed service provider making them available to their clients with great transparency is new,” affirms the Partners.


Michael Haase, Founder & Partner and Frank Powell, Partner

Managecore offers expertise in SAP Basis, HANA and Cloud Hosting to optimally manage SAP systems