CSI tools: A Transformed Outlook to SAP Security

Johan Hermans, Founder & CEO
To survive, one must adapt and to adapt companies must reinvent themselves which demands constant assessment of its exposure to risks. When it comes to SAP security projects, risk mitigation becomes all the more challenging owing to enormous budgets and the inability of solutions to decipher the basics of SAP security: the SAP authorizations. While most companies strive to offer solutions just to mitigate risks, one SAP solution provider, CSI tools is revolutionizing the very approach of managing internal security model, remediating compliance issues, and monitoring potential business risks within an SAP system.

“CSI tools’ strength is in its multilayer security model for SAP systems,”—by Gartner Market Guide for Segregation of Duties (SoD) Controls Monitoring Tools not only highlights the company’s strength but also speaks volumes about its uniqueness. Unlike others, the company performs five analyses separately ranging from transaction codes, and/or authorization objects, and/ or authorization object field values, and/ or menu access, and/or transaction code usage. This approach of analyzing all layers separately allows CSI tools to identify conceptual weaknesses in the roles and/or weaknesses in the rules. On the basis of this principle, the company’s flagship product, CSI Authorization Auditor (CSI AA) audits and monitors authorization and role setup in SAP environments. It comes with a pre-defined SoD engine with more than 400 SoD conflicts and offers a snapshot of an SAP system to gain insight into its past or current authorization setup. Since transaction code and authorization access is checked separately, this module can verify the completeness of SAP GRC rule sets. CSI AA has today become one of the must-have productivity tools for SAP security audit.

Alongside auditing and monitoring, the company’s software suite includes solutions for supporting compliancy in role building, user provisioning and emergency access. All these solutions are flexible with a short implementation time and are incredibly user-friendly.
With the suite, clients can remediate SoD conflicts, gain instant access to intelligence reports to prevent creating risks and conflicts, and build SAP roles automatically to reduce errors, save time and enjoy-on-the-fly documentation among many other benefits. “CSI tools’ products are designed to help companies become and remain compliant in all areas,” says Johan Hermans, Founder and CEO at CSI tools.

CSI tools’ products are designed to help companies become and remain compliant in all areas

The company’s solutions have gained widespread acceptance among internal and external auditing companies, GRC consultants, and multinationals, leveraged along with SAP solutions for GRC. Demonstrating its GRC innovation, the company also bagged 2015 GRC Innovation Award for GRC Solutions Provider in the category Automated/Continuous Control Management. Evidently, CSI tools’ clientele includes (multi)-nationals, audit and consultancy firms and SMB worldwide like PVH Europe, ArcelorMittal, AB-Inbev, and Xella Baustoffe. With more than two decades in the market, CSI tools has created a niche by providing dynamic analytics solutions that deliver intelligence focused on SAP Governance, Risk management, and Compliance (SAP GRC) in a bid to secure the SAP environments.

Today, CSI tools with its multilayer security model is fully compliant for S/4 HANA, the next-generation, intelligent ERP business suite explicitly designed for in-memory computing that works with the Fiori application. The company plans to reorganize its approach toward application development by focusing more on Software as a Service, web-based and multi-lingual developments. “Our goal is to allow users to interpret reports and make informed decisions easily.” The most significant differentiator of the company is its ability to transform data into information, allowing companies to adjust its risk and security strategies on demand.

CSI tools

Herent, Belgium

Johan Hermans, Founder & CEO

Manages internal security model, remediates compliance issues, and monitors potential business risks within an SAP system

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