Tenthpin: Bringing a Difference in the Life Sciences Sector

Juergen Bauer, CEO
With a sustained focus on transformational change, life sciences companies are beginning to unleash the digital nature of their business changing healthcare of tomorrow. Personalized Medicine is disruptive and needs a fundamentally different end-to-end capability, towards a truly patient-centric analysis and response across the entire value chain.

While technology is changing the way these companies innovate, operate and meet patient demands, Juergen Bauer, a seasoned life sciences and management consultant and CEO of Tenthpin, believes that consultants should possess the ability to show their clients the smartest way of solving problems. “The current life sciences and healthcare space lacks expertise in the process of transforming operating models by leveraging technology,” begins Bauer. “We as a management consulting firm in the life sciences industry strive to offer the best tailored solutions to our clients by capturing value of existing IT and creating value through new technologies.” Tenthpin, a proud SAP services partner, offers expert solutions in the field of life sciences to their clients specifically by leveraging leading-edge technology and industry expertise. In addition, the company also provides project management, quality assurance along with mergers, acquisitions, and divestments as well as SAP consulting services.

Considering the firm’s foundation a year ago, it already has 10+ clients experiencing success with smart consulting. “While digitalization is changing the practice of medicine, and how pharma innovations reach patients, it is no more efficient only to understand what SAP is capable of doing; one needs to understand the entire technology platforms from start-ups to disruptive large players and how they can best be adopted. That’s precisely what we assist our clients with,” says Bauer. Owing to the lack of a comprehensive solutions both for the benefit of the patients and the caregivers in the life sciences space, Tenthpin’s experienced life sciences consulting professionals utilize SAP and other best of breed technology to solve complex issues. Tenthpin primarily focuses on pharma, bio-tech, medical devices and animal health from clinical research companies to big pharma corporations.

Tenthpin has gained significant expertise and developed tools and accelerators in solving industry specific issues including digital labeling, Lab standardization, intelligent enterprise and cold chain monitoring to name a few. Tenthpin brings to its clients industry leading highly experienced consultants with a proven track record to delivery.

We as a management consulting firm in the life sciences industry strive to offer the best tailored solutions to our clients by capturing value of existing IT and creating value through new technologies

Tenthpin helps clients to leverage ERP capital investments including cloud-based solutions, SAP S/4 HANA and SAP. “We closely monitor the new developments that SAP brings to the market and understand the capability of the various SAP solutions, what it promises for the future and also discern our future developments extensions that might be relevant specifically from an industry point of view. We shoulder the responsibility of leveraging the right kind of solution for each of our clients,” he adds. Tenthpin consultants make use of S/4 HANA, which has been developed using the in-memory system. This database eliminates the labor and risk involved in managing different legacy systems as well as siloed data, which makes way for better decision making process. In addition, Tenthpin also leverages SAP ERP Central Component (ECC) to empower businesses to take control of their business procedures using of the full suite of modules.

Tenthpin partnered with SAP via its PartnerEdge program last November and has since then grown in terms of both business and team members. Tenthpin has assisted their clients in the implementation of an integrated clinical supply chain, deploying a medical device global template and solving additional industry issues like equipment leasing, field inventory, warehouse design and tax optimized supply chain.

“We are a self-learning and client-focused organization of experienced professionals where people are constantly developing their skills and sharing their experiences while working as a team,” says Bauer. Tenthpin is aggressively planning to expand their business globally, incorporating the latest technology with life sciences management consulting services.


Basel, Switzerland

Juergen Bauer, CEO

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