Auritas: Elevating SAP HANA Systems

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Deepak Sood, CEO & CTO
In the millennial age, delivering quality customer experiences is not a priority; it is a given. On those terms, Auritas, headed by, Deepak Sood, CEO and CTO, is keeping their clients elated by providing services in the SAP arena that can drive better business engagements. Located in Orlando, FL, the company is uniquely qualified to serve enterprises in North America optimize their SAP HANA systems. Auritas has more than a decade of supporting SAP enabled Data Management Structures. Owing to their pristine service demeanor, Americas’ SAP Users’ Group has named the firm as its exclusive SAP Information Lifecycle Management AND S/4HANA trial systems. Moreover, Auritas has been recognized as the pioneers of innovation in SAP and OpenText technologies and continues its research and development through their internal labs.

For modern enterprises to stay in business, it is important for them to have a tab on all their information from which they can derive significant insights. While most organizations are now leveraging supreme modern solutions and software a problem they continue to face is in the selection of a right partner firm that can offer them these platforms. Auritas and the team of consultants they employ are helping their clients by reducing this issue and offers advice on how they can achieve clear data modeling and system administration. Besides, the knowledge delivery, the firm also empowers customers with SQL Data Access for third-party tools, relationship mapping, and data protection.

In one such instance, a major utility company that has been using Auritas information management services to curtail their data growth was experiencing an issue of running out of storage space. The in-house datacenter was accumulating an expanse of input, and this was slowing system performance hurting user experiences. Auritas suggested a list of varied techniques that included the intertwining of data archiving with migration functionality.

Auritas has been recognized as the pioneers of innovation in SAP and OpenText technologies, and continues its research and development through their internal labs

This aided the client to relocate almost all of their existing information, and improve database productivity. Thus, this service organization was able to clear its database capacity by 1.3 terabytes, and further initiate a long haul arrangement while also improving its SAP ERP framework execution.

Having achieved stardom in the SAP service and support consulting pace, Auritas is looking to venture further into the domain by continuing to educate themselves on the constant evolutions in technologies that enter the modern enterprise world. The company plans to push ahead with the idea of delivering prime advice to their clients across the U.S., while also expanding its services beyond the boundaries of the country. The organization has over 15 years of experience helping customers over various enterprises complete the advantages of IT footprint deduction, landscape perfection, process elucidation and transforming insights into action using SAP and OpenText business programming. The outcome is a well-overseen, high-performing solution that yields a noteworthy iota of knowledge across the enterprise from information creation through disposal — overseeing both data and procedures. Auritas has successfully delivered over 100 completed projects, across a variety of companies that include several Fortune 500 organizations.


Sanford, FL

Deepak Sood, CEO & CTO

Auritas is a global SAP consulting and implementation services company specializing in sophisticated approaches to Information Lifecycle Management (ILM), Enterprise Content Management (ECM), and SAP HANA Optimization