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Steven Branch, President & CEO It is widely acknowledged across the industry that SAP is one of the most powerful and diverse enterprise solution ecosystems. In the early day’s of the IT boom, ERP, CRM, and supply chain systems were all within their own siloed bubbles of standalone systems. During these times, Texas-based Configurable Management’s beginnings were centered on the understanding of these pre-web mainframe systems—the problems were less complex, and solutions were built from the ground up exclusively to target them. As the industry moved toward the late 1990s and 2000s, enterprises saw the ushering in of thousands of “point solutions” like Salesforce, DocuSign, HubSpot that presented a whole new set of operational demands. These point solutions led to the exponential rise of system data and complexities while simultaneously driving down the quality of data at the same rate. Many point solutions required extensive coding to leverage the full capability of the product and often companies utilized these products to solve issues they were not designed for. The adage “trying to fit a square peg into a round hole” comes to mind.

“Our mission is to simplify complexities and transform core business processes. We address these challenges with innovative technology that improves both data quality and business rule compliance, establishes automation patterns, and supports collaboration across the business and IT for optimal results.” This is Configurable Management’s mission statement, as stated by its President and CEO, Steven Branch.

SAP and the No-Code Renaissance

Companies now realize they are in need of a primary ERP system of record to co-exist with these point solutions. They need to find ways to fill in the process gaps which their collection of systems cannot solve effectively nor efficiently. It is in this space that Configurable Management has excelled. The ERP industry has come a long way from mainframes with “dumb terminals” requiring custom development. Configurable Management helps resolve the shadow IT issue by facilitating collaboration between the business and IT. Zero-code platforms solve delivery-speed challenges through collaboration, with better performance and at a greater scale than yesteryear’s approaches. What sets apart solution vendors in the SAP space is their ability to translate the benefit of zero-code values to businesses’ core technologies. Making the SAP ecosystem as robust as possible, by extending its reach and leveraging the investments clients have made in these core business technologies, is what separates the leaders from the contenders.

Our mission is to simplify complexities and transform core business processes

To work effectively in the SAP environment, clients need a single platform that is robust enough to support data governance, process automation, application development, and systems integration. Not only is out of the box integration necessary, but the integration must lend itself to reuse and must itself also be zero-code. Configurable Management’s business decisioning and process automation product, DECISIONS for SAP SOLUTIONS™, is enterprise-class and comes complete with a zero-code business rules engine, workflow studio, and reporting and dashboards. With Configurable Management’s zero-code SAP .NET connector that allows access tens of thousands of BAPI’s and RFC’s in SAP as a “step” in Decisions for SAP Solutions, the platform enables businesses and IT to automate business processes, manage data assets, and measure and improve KPIs in a codeless environment.

Other Configurable Management offerings include Physical Inventory Accelerator, an easy-to-use, web-based, and mobile-ready application, Configurable Management helps handle the physical inventory of IM managed SAP locations. Data Validation Management (DVM) reduces the cost of manual data validation and helps improve the quality of iterative data loads. Additionally, Configurable Management’s Smart Capture solution can automatically identify, classify, and extract business-critical data from the clients’ inbound documents using patented supervised machine learning technology, increasing the product value over time. D’BOT is a zero footprint, browser-based application that runs on servers behind the clients’ firewall or in the cloud for rapid deployment, whereas SnapDoc, the provider’s mobile capture app is available for flexible and easy capture of data.

Solutions with Clients Needs at Heart

Businesses are always changing, and business rules and workflow engines must adapt and be robust enough to solve the master data governance challenges and also be capable of solving complex IT initiatives. Configurable Management starts by helping clients with master data governance and active data management (stewardship). The company has built solutions (data forms) for material master, customer master, vendor master, purchase request, capital expense, and is developing other modules. From a master data governance or a process perspective, these templates save clients about 70 percent of their development time to deploy their applications. Most of the effort in creating templates is building out all of the data points and fields in the forms. Configurable Management can seamlessly deliver those templates to clients upon installation of their application, meaning that they are able to interact with SAP from day one.
As for custom fields or programs within the data form, clients have full flexibility to add them, and then to leverage Configurable Management’s products to their specific needs; they can add their workflow and business rules as required. These business rules may be as varied as the clients that employ them, but mostly a condition or process is routed around for approval based on one’s business rules. Clients can add those business rules and even predict data that needs to be compiled based on rules. They can surface those directives to the floor and manage them, without the need to have the IT department write code. Owners of that data can have the authorization to manage the information, and with those same business rules, Configurable Management ensures information gets it into the SAP framework accurately, every time, based on client specifications. Additionally, using the same business rules that Configurable Management leverages to get the most accurate data fed into the SAP application, they can query for it within SAP. This would surface anything that has fallen out of your business rules, allowing the user to act upon that data to remedy it. From that point, Configurable Management or the client can build scorecards and dashboards evaluating the client’s data quality, so they can identify if an issue is recurring. The client can then look for the root cause of discrepancies falling outside of business rules and resolve issues.

"While SAP is like a very large machine, Configurable Management is like an effective team that helps clients manage SAP’s vast collection of modules"

Expertise Under the Hood

Configurable Management often works with business analysts who, unfortunately, may have limited to no experience in automating processes. To this end, Configurable Management has developed a training course specifically to train business analysts to gather requirements effectively, understand the various data layers of automating a process and how they interact, and the types of questions to ask to achieve effective process automation. Configurable Management’s diverse group of consultants bring real-world business experience to your challenges., Configurable Management has lived, and breathed process automation and master data governance, and the pain points that clients may experience At the end of the day, the company services their customers well to set them up for success. At Configurable Management brings integrity, honesty, and transparency to every relationship and solution. While SAP is like a very large machine, Configurable Management’s is products and team that helps clients manage SAP’s vast set of modules and dimensional products. SAP provides the opportunity for Configurable Management to help their customers leverage their SAP investment. Looking ahead, Configurable Management will continue to focus on solutions for its clients. This vast and unique blend of experience and perceptive understanding of the SAP ecosystem drives the Configurable Management spirit. Today, the company is realizing its vision to become the top SAP solutions provider in its market.

Configurable Management

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Steven Branch, President & CEO

Configurable Management simplifies complexities and transforms core business processes

Configurable Management