Logic Point: Navigating the SAP S/4 HANA Journey - From Vision to Value

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Spencer Brown, CEO
It’s time for some truth-telling. While more and more organizations are placing their bets on SAP’s enterprise software designed for a digital world, the absence of a strategic systems integrator can leave a company battling with failed roll-outs and billions of dollars in overspend. Most solution providers in the industry today follow a hit-and-run approach, where their services inevitably end at project delivery.

What organizations currently need is a partner that has the desire and the expertise to stay long term and work hand in hand with clients to support continuous improvements in the SAP journey. To that end, what makes Logic Point a cut above other solution providers is their passion for connecting a business vision to value. With a strong foothold in the industry, Logic Point has close to two decades of experience in SAP services consulting and now focuses on reimagining digital efficiencies for asset-heavy industries. “It’s important to understand that we are not all things to all companies. We believe in excelling at niche services and our forte primarily lies in data and content management, creating digital foundation transformation programs,” begins Paul Theisen, COO, Logic Point.

To actualize their goals, Brown who has been associated with bigwigs such as SAP, Capgemini, and Deloitte, in the past, and with two decades of industry experience to his credit has put together a team of veterans from prominent Tier one and data management companies. “At the end of the day, organizations don’t partner with logos but seek for a solutions strategist who is competent and reliable and at Logic Point we only make promises that we can keep,” adds Theisen.

To deliver effective solutions and unrivaled data competency, the company offers Digital Sherpa, a suite of tools and solutions that is specially designed to help clients with data management during SAP S/4HANA conversion projects. The solution largely draws its name from Sherpas or mountaineering guides who are known for their endurance and resourcefulness, and similarly the tool provides users with a safe passage to achieve their transformation goals.

A subset of Digital Sherpa is Data Sherpa that ensures data readiness during migrations aligned with best practices. “Oftentimes data is an under- appreciated component of most projects and there is no clear assessment of it.
We fill the existing gaps in data management and take care of a client’s or even another consulting firm’s entire data journey from archiving to cleansing, conversion, and governance,” mentions Brown. To facilitate data migration, the company has developed robust supporting applications and templates, and to streamline cleansing, machine learning and AI technology are used.

Since most organizations are skeptical about accessing data that has been archived, Logic Point offers utmost guidance on how much data should be archived and even conducts additional system and performance tuning for maximum benefit. “More importantly we educate our customers to the fact that the foundation for any digital transformation project, including an S4 migration, must have a content and data management foundation. Everyone is talking about machine learning but it is essentially useless if the data is not accurate,” adds Brown.

To better highlight the company’s proficiency, for an existing customer grappling with 5.6 terabytes of data, Logic Point is all set to bring it below to one terabyte of data by implementing a combination of archiving, system tuning, and table deletions. The result is not only guaranteed to bring an impactful change in the client’s environment but will significantly improve searches and performances.

Whether a client is contemplating to convert their current SAP landscape to SAP S/4HANA or carry forth a greenfield implementation, Logic Point delivers seamless S/4HANA migrations both on-premise and on the cloud. As SAP aims to move thousands of their customers to S/4HANA, Logic Point with its in-house experts, frameworks, and methodology emerges as the solution of choice for companies looking to ride the wave of S/4HANA migration. Not stopping at just transformation services, once a client’s digital core is in place, the company also offers unique and tailored innovations to their data management practice as well as S/4 migrations, using cloud and intelligence services.

Currently, Logic Point is further enhancing their three core practice areas by developing new value-added extensions and solutions for on-demand staffing. “While it’s a combination of things that carries us into the foreseeable future, through it all we are laser focused to develop our competency, align with only those customers who genuinely need what we have to offer, and delivering rock-solid success for them,” ends Brown.

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Spencer Brown, CEO

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