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Gary Smerdon, President & CEO
The fuel that the IT industry runs on today has also manifested as one of its headaches—Data! The challenge lies at creating value out of the abundant and rapidly proliferating data in a timely manner. The value of an organization’s data is diluted when the insights derived are delayed due to the use of traditional databases and analytics applications. Although SAP HANA has been addressing this predicament proactively by delivering insights faster, the need to procure a system that can store this data still exists. That’s where TidalScale comes in. With their pioneering work in Software-Defined Server technology, the company delivers a 100 percent software solution that enables enterprise to size systems based on any x86 server hardware to meet even their largest data storage and analysis requirements. “In the history of computing, it has always been about how one could make things fit into the given computer. We have turned this model where the computers can be sized appropriately,” says Gary Smerdon, the president & CEO of TidalScale. Through its Software Defined Server technology, TidalScale solves the major pain-point of enterprises having to size their systems on demand—either on-premise or cloud—for data computation and storage.

Certified by SUSE, TidalScale creates a system that can deliver on the memory needs of a company by tying together multiple servers and thereby enabling in-memory compute. The system uses in-built machine learning below the application layer to provide appropriate performance metrics. TidalScale’s proprietary technology provides IT organizations with the tools they need to deploy the high-performance SAP HANA in-memory database, at-scale, but still fit within increasingly aggressive IT operational and capital budgets. “TidalScale Software-Defined Servers provide the ideal platform to ensure your data does not outgrow your infrastructure or your budget,” states Smerdon. The servers aggregate the resources of multiple cost-effective, commodity servers into one or more Software-Defined Servers right-sized for enterprise needs—under a single, unmodified Linux operating system. It utilizes real-time machine learning deployed in the HyperKernel, a bare-metal distributed ‘inverse hypervisor’, to continuously optimize workload performance.

TidalScale Software- Defined Servers provide the ideal platform to ensure your data does not outgrow your infrastructure or your budget

Apart from their state-of-art technology offering, what differentiates TidalScale is the approach that they take to understand their clients’ needs and deliver solutions accordingly. The company works directly with the CIOs, data architects, and application managers to help them run the data center, and also reap business intelligence out of the available data faster and on-time. TidalScale enables IT to respond quickly to evolving user needs without the delay and expense of procuring specialized hardware. Using the company’s system, administrators can configure and deploy a Software-Defined Server from hundreds of gigabytes to tens of terabytes. In effect, TidalScale achieves the capacity of the scale-out approach with the simplicity of the scale-up approach without any complex distributed software development or data partitioning. This enables both provisioning of hardware as well as visual monitoring of all Software-Defined Servers, and also seamless integration into the DevOps infrastructure and processes. Smerdon gives an example where TidalScale provided a client with not only a uniform system throughout their work environment but were also able to eliminate the concern about the size of the system that they will need in the future.

Having carved a unique niche in the data center space through their Software Defined Server technology, TidalScale has recently rolled out the latest version of the software that not only raised the performance level but also improved the ease of installation. TidalScale has also expanded its support operations in Asia with a focus on Japan and Korea and going forward, the company will be rolling out an automated system that will further raise the performance bar of their Software Defined Server technology.

TidalScale News

Infosys makes additional investment in TidalScale

Hyderabad: Infosys on Monday announced that it has made an additional investment of $1.5 million through the Infosys Innovation Fund in TidalScale Inc., the company at the heart of the Software-Defined Server revolution. Infosys has previously invested $1.5 million in TidalScale in 2016 thus taking the cumulative investment as of date to $3.0 million.

By enabling organisations to create systems of virtually any size using the commodity servers they already own while requiring no software changes, TidalScale makes it possible for more organisations to draw insights from big data faster, easily and with greater flexibility than ever before.

“We are excited to further strengthen our relationship with TidalScale. Their groundbreaking software-defined server technology addresses a key challenge that many enterprises face – to rapidly increase the return on their existing investments in technology infrastructure assets,” said Deepak Padaki, executive vice-president, Infosys. The investment is expected to be completed by September 28, 2018 subject to necessary approvals.


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Gary Smerdon, President & CEO

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